Economic in the age of Artificial Intelligence!

Economic in the age of Artificial Intelligence!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

The AI Economy operates on a global scale, emphasizing integration possibilities and ensuring that information technology is publicly owned and accessible to all. Notably diverse, this economy produces a plethora of products catering to the varied desires of a diverse customer base. It thrives on openness and collaboration among companies in the production and marketing processes, marking a departure from the traditional long product life cycles to a more accelerated and competitive flow.

These distinct features not only define the identity of the AI economy but also represent a contemporary evolution of earlier economic systems. From mercantilism and Adam Smith’s capitalism to Marxist socialism and the middle ground of John Keynes’s theory, the AI Economy emerges as a dynamic synthesis, a result of cumulative human knowledge across ages.

The space provided by the AI Economy extends beyond traditional market economies. Unlike heavily taxed markets, shareholders enjoy tax-free trading and investment opportunities, facilitated by the doctrine of economic freedom. This exemption from restrictions and fees, realized in these spaces, fulfills the dreams of many entrepreneurs and businesspeople, providing unprecedented privileges.

The AI Economy introduces greater opportunities for citizens worldwide. Individuals can invest in electronic cash portfolios and financial stock markets, ensuring a secure financial future without the burden of suspicion, financial hardship, or the need for extensive social security. This intelligent and flexible economy, despite concerns about automation, creates avenues for scientific, research, and educational advancements, breaking away from the centralized nature of educational institutions.

The principle of “human knowledge” flourishes in this environment, granting everyone the freedom to learn according to their preferences without dictates, conditions, or restrictions. This liberation fosters unprecedented progress in human knowledge, with products enriching the research process without monopolies or central authorities.

The AI Economy empowers the world to take absolute control of cognitive accumulations, encapsulating the rich history of humanity from its inception. This comprehensive knowledge framework equips societies to address challenges such as pandemics and emergencies, fostering thriving research industries. Human civilization, propelled by continuous advancement, realizes dreams that were once mere aspirations.

In conclusion, the AI Economy’s unique characteristics redefine global economic landscapes and pave the way for unparalleled progress. For a detailed exploration, let us delve into the remaining facets of this transformative paradigm.



Author : Manahel Thabet
Published February 27,  2022
Al Bayan Newspaper

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