Economic in the age of Artificial Intelligence!

Economic in the age of Artificial Intelligence!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

The AI Economy is global, oriented towards global integration prospects, and information technology is publicly owned and accessible, as it is accessible to all.
This economy is also characterized by enormous diversity, where there is a heavy production of products that meet all the desires of diverse customers. Otherwise, the knowledge economy is open, where there is a cooperation between companies in the production and marketing process, and its products are a cycle of life, i.e., moving away from the long cycle of the product to acceleration and competitive flow.
These advantages, in their midst, may combine many advantages: they are not only an expression of the identity of the AI economy, but also a vital extension of all previous economic systems, and a modern reduction of the above theories, from the trade or economic Mercantile to adam smith’s capitalism and Marxist socialism, as well as the middle ground of john Keynes’s theory, which stands between socialism and capitalism. It is a situation produced by accumulations of human knowledge throughout the ages.
The space offered by the AI Economy goes further. Instead of traditional, highly taxed market economies, it gives shareholders more space to
trade and investment in it are entirely tax-free, and perhaps this is also justified by the lack of governance, had it not been for the doctrine of economic freedom, which aims to exempt international trade from restrictions and fees, literally achieved in these spaces, has been a dream for money-earners and business people for an extended period.
The AI Economy has made greater privileges than ever before for any citizen of this world, where anyone in this world can invest in electronic cash portfolios as well as investment in financial stock markets. This way, they benefit in the future from these investments without suspicion and ensure that they live essentially and deprived with the bright mind, financial hardship, or the need for social security.
It is a very flexible, intelligent economy, and if the automation process it imposes may be considered one of its handicaps, from the point of view of some, it nevertheless opens the door wide again to new patterns of scientific, research, and educational orientations, and necessarily imposes easy access to scientific material, of all kinds, i.e., destroys the centrality that has always characterized the educational institution.
Thus, the principle of “human knowledge” has been achieved, and everyone in this world is free to learn what suits him, what he wants and chooses, without any dictates, conditions, or restrictions, which in turn allows for the advancement of human knowledge more than ever before.
Its products enrich the research process, without monopoly or central representations of any kind, and little by little.
The world will be able to take absolute control of these cognitive accumulations, which summarize a long history of humanity, which began from the first human presence on the planet. It will not stand in the face of anything that cannot be addressed, such as pandemics, and what is an emergency, in all its forms, or other words, that the research industries thrive day after day, and this human civilization will never stop rising further and further, and will never cease to rise further and further. Everything humanity once dreamed of is a reality on the ground.
Furthermore, to talk the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published February 27,  2022
Al Bayan Newspaper

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