Spider Forest!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

Three web courses are starting from the year to end with the most private, the first course in the course of public networks, which is used by the general public and includes all social networks and specialized sites of all kinds.

The second course is private networks and includes the sites of research, scientific and institutional institutions, and usually requires access to such networks permission from their admin, or to be a member of a scientific and research institution, and the third course in the dark network course or the so-called dark networks course With Dark Web, these networks include cryptocurrency worlds and hackers, and no one has access to them unless they belong to those groups that specialize in such networks, but otherwise they are unable to do so.

Perhaps to say that the situation in the absence of governance in the three courses is like living in a supposed spider forest, there are no regulations that control the imbalances that occur and control the corruption in these networks of all kinds, and until this is achieved.

The world will then fall into the gap of alienation and will continue to collapse slowly until social diseases of all kinds prevail and spread more terrifying than reality, and there is no way to screw them up, and the methods of demolition faster and stronger than the construction shovels as they are said in the proverbs.

This virtual world and these webs in the absence of governance are like a big house, but without wooden or iron doors or windows of any kind, it is a forest when it is absent from the manifestations of governance from police and security centers, prosecutorial buildings, and the role of the judiciary.

The powerful here crush the weak and pass on them, and stay here for them only. But the vulnerable have no consolation and no prophets who speak their words and rule in this virtual forest.

The image describing the scene of the new transformations and this spider forest is a surrealist image in which we may see amazing creativity, but no one can understand it or claim it, and there is no choice but to frame this painting to get meaning in the real sense to which we symbolize its governance and to establish appropriate laws that guarantee everyone rights and commit everyone at the same time to their duties.

But without the feeling that everyone now feels “lost and lost”.
it seems that talking about inclusive governance of the digital world and webs is difficult, at least for the time being, rather complex, and most importantly, it will be useless.

But it can be talked about instead the legalization of cryptocurrency markets first and then seeking regulations of the worlds of social media emphasizing the subject of intellectual property a lot in the context of research and intellectual processes and subsequent institutions, and then little by little, there will be useful to talk about web governance given the for the possibility of achieving this and absorbing reality for it. and to talk the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published: December 17, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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