Technology Genius!

Technology Genius!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

I am stuck in the worlds of technology by these genius abilities of artificial intelligence, they are no less important than the genius we saw in the appearance of Hebron’s “collective mind” by Ahmed Al-Farahidi and embodied in the dictionary of “al ain”, as reflected in the genius of management and organization in wasabi in his miracle book «advertising», as well as our opinion of the same genius of Ahmed the miracle darir ma’air in his “unnecessary necessities”.

If we must realize that, necessarily, we must find at every time something of that genius, something truly amazing that people are passionate about and follow, even if it is not followed in the usual way, but that thing will necessarily be surrounded by an aura of holiness, the holiness of knowledge, the departure from the text, and the anticipation of the times with visions and prophecies, which will hide people’s preoccupation with them and their pains no matter how great, otherwise their lives will seem something of boredom that resembles death in its misery, monotony, and disruption of the functions of senses. man and the tasks of the human mind.

Perhaps the most beautiful of this era is the meeting of all the details of those geniuses and fissions, which we have received in the history books, and have always told people about them, in one manifestation is the appearance of artificial intelligence, which is truly one of the wonders of our age of technology and one of the miracles produced by human experience and the cumulative knowledge of humanity.

The most important feature that can now be talked about the genius of technology is the absolute ability to AI technologies to learn deeply, and then more importantly self-development that goes beyond the context that programmers and technology makers develop for AI products.

It should be noted here that the satisfaction that programmers and technology makers get when AI robots go beyond what they have learned from them and what they can have a scientific briefing about them is the same satisfaction that a teacher may receive when his pupil exceeds him, that alone is the greatest reward that any teacher on earth has ever offered from his pupil.

As Artificial intelligence technology seems to be, no matter what we see from the features of its rhetoric at the moment, it remains just a flutter of wings before the flight, and only a first step in the path of evolution and human civilization, it resembles the stage of imagination that preceded all this technology and paved the way for its realism that we live in today, and human development will continue to produce imagination.

Here we also remember the story of Alice in wonderland, which paved the way for einstein’s theory of relativity in physics, which is developed every day by physicists and mathematicians, and also other stories such as aesthetic glasses, thanks to which augmented and virtual reality glasses, as well as 3d glasses and other genius innovations, have been formed.

The genius of Artificial Intelligence is nothing but the embodiment of the genius of the human mind, which has mastered the formulation of the details of technology in what can truly live up to the present and future of humanity, perhaps the greatest manifestation of immortality that man has always dreamed of through the stages of this great history of the accumulations of human knowledge.

And to talk the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published: November 12, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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