Metaverse Communities

Metaverse Communities


In 1992, the American writer Neil Stevenson introduced the concept of “Metaverse” in his novel “Snow Crash” The novel revolves around the characters entering the world of “Metaverse” in “Avatar.”

It is a virtual likeness of the character. Then the use of the term was developed over time, and its first uses were in the virtual world platforms, such as the Scand life platform in 2003.

The avatar was created by Chip Morningstar and Joseph Romero in 1985 when they designed Habitat, a multiplayer online game.

Then, as of 2019, authors at DC Comics used the term metaverse to refer to a centralized version of reality influencing other versions in alternate timelines.

He used the term to develop and amplify the public relations of various technologies and projects of the same type since many online multiplayer games share features with metaverses but provide access only to non-permanent states, shared by up to dozens of players, The concept of virtual multiverse games, to distinguish them from metaverses.

“Metaverse” in the broadest sense does not just refer to virtual worlds but may refer to the Internet as a whole, or beyond the Internet, including the full scope of augmented reality.

In Metaverse, the avatar can transcend the real world we live in and enter the realm of virtual reality.

There is no specific definition for Metaverse, but Meta (formerly Facebook) describes it as follows: “A group of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who are not in the same room with you, you can hang out with friends, work, play, learn, shop, creativity, and more.

Meta, and many other technology companies, are keen to expand the Metaverse concept into a reality by developing the tools required to bring that technology to life.

Metaverse generally refers to virtual communities or overlapping worlds where avatars can communicate. We need virtual and augmented reality headsets, watches, and smart glasses to get into metaverses.

The metaverse community will allow “the existence of vast economic markets; for example, we will find that all the brands we wear in reality will have virtual things at a price equal to, or perhaps equal. For example, a Rolex watch, instead of buying it originally in reality, the Metaverse may force one to buy it virtually, to brag about it in front of the virtual world community, as well as everything from the enjoyment of reality and its manifestations, a car, a virtual house, the modern Samsung TV, which has the feature of buying virtual goods.” This digital interactive social momentum will have a significant role in trade within metaverses, but the same is limited to speculation at the current stage.

There will be worlds more dangerous than the reality we live in, virtual social classes, strange diseases, and mental illnesses because it is a world without governance. It is the new world, with its new and strange order.

Observers believe that Metaverse “will not bring good, especially for developing societies, which are feeling their way towards the future, and aiming to achieve higher growth rates to change the economic and social reality of their population, and this will only happen through work, production, proper education, and science before them. A trap” for young people and young people, to attract them to new games, and virtual reality programs that kidnap their minds and exhaust their time, but it is even more profound than that to spread new social habits, often not accepted by society, that will contribute, in one way or another, to the spread and expansion of the number of crimes of rape, harassment, and physical and verbal violence.»

Finally, it can be said that it may take years, even decades, for metaverses to bear fruit. It can also be emphasized that the virtual world of Metaverse will transform the societies of the world into compensatory societies because it may go to replace the virtual world with its natural world.
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Author : Manahel Thabet
Published February 27,  2022
Al Bayan Newspaper

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