Beyond traditional money!

Beyond traditional money!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

In the distant or distant time, the older man began his financial dealings with the barter system, and then his financial dealings developed with the development of the economic system and after moving from the barter system to the monetary currency system.
Which continued to evolve from its primitive form until it reached its final form, which we find today in our world, the man went to look again for more valuable ways of his financial and banking dealings in proportion to the transformed financial culture and the data of the new economic systems experienced by the world and then including it is in line with the friendship of the environment, whose principles are adopted by the project for achieving the 17 sustainable development goals.
It cannot be said, however, that the financial transformation that is currently in childhood is in response only to the manifestations of the transformation of economic systems, i.e., after the transition to the knowledge system or to achieve the sustainable development goals, no! what has led to this transformation in a significant way,
In addition to the above, is also the search for safe ways of financial transactions and the elimination of all aspects of the black economy or shadow economies that violate the law and prevent the prosperity and prosperity of human life in the world, such as money laundering, currency counterfeiting and other manifestations of corruption that prevailed strongly in traditional economic times.
The desire for a shift in these financial transactions began clearly with the beginning of the era of bank account cards. Then it began more seriously when using bank account cards in the sales and purchases of supermarkets and other public and private facilities. It continued to expand further to find today an extensive conversation about digital currencies, blockchain books, and digital wallets, and it will continue to expand further to make there are many forms of these digital portfolios.
Some of which may also be in the form of a capsule carried by a human being inside his arm and with him wherever he goes, through which only he can keep his money and make buying and selling at any time without the need for a broker or third party of any kind, and may continue to expand in these forms to become dealing through, for example, or perhaps more.
We live in an era of transformations in which transformations cannot be stabilized or compatible in some form until a person finds what is already expressed in need of forms that may be familiar traditional, somewhat updated, and maybe innovative to the highest levels. However, in both cases, they are sure to be mixed with modern technology and the creations of technology, which can genuinely be bet on.
Civilizations disappear or stop evolving, only when they stop creativity and innovation, and perhaps in our words, this confirms that the bet on the future and present of humanity depends on the excellence of human creativity and the enjoyment of a spirit of innovation in the details of the products of its children, and if the world today faces crises of various kinds, addressing them will undoubtedly reflect the extent to which humanity has reached the awareness of its existence through this long history of cognitive accumulations and human experience, and also reflect the desire of a human being. Today, staying is the strongest desire to be bet on to survive.
to talk the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published January 16 2022
Al Bayan Newspaper

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