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Metaverse Communities

In 1992, the American writer Neil Stevenson introduced the concept of “Metaverse” in his novel “Snow Crash.”

Sustainable Economy

A sustainable economy can be defined as that economy based on capital based on human innovations and creativity, serves the goals of sustainable development, and requires consideration of the environment in all its endeavors

Metaverse Trade

Hollywood has always imagined the technologies humanity needs. Jake Sully, the protagonist in the movie Avatar, who uses a wheelchair in the avatar of James Cameron, goes to work to save a distant planet via a radio connection to a distant object.

Barter Revive

As it seems, the shift towards digital and electronic currencies, which is increasing day after day, will impose several types of attempts to rebel against it and not comply with it, and it will also send monetary practices that were in the coffins of oblivion.

Cognitive Flow

Today’s age of knowledge has many advantages and features, especially the tools it provides to facilitate the transfer and circulation of knowledge between the audience of its seekers and recipients.

Commodification of Knowledge

“Knowledge Entertainment”, a term by which i mean the transformation of knowledge into a commodity, is the capital of the economy of the global knowledge system, and its most important asset. it must be made clear that the issue of knowledge-giving depends on the existence of two important things, one knowledge cities, and the other the tools of the knowledge industry,

Beyond traditional money!

In the distant or distant time, the old man began his financial dealings with the barter system, and then his financial dealings developed with the development of the economic system, and after moving from the barter system to the monetary currency system.

Spider Forest!

Three web courses are starting from the year to end with the most private, the first course in the course of public networks, which is used by the general public and includes all social networks and specialized sites of all kinds.

Financial Education!

Traditional curricula strive to adopt parental indoctrination in their educational style in a stereotype that varies from region to region only to the extent that accents and dialects imposed by the surrounding environment differ.

The Crisis of the transition to the knowledge economy!

For nearly a decade, the world has been undergoing a radical shift towards the knowledge system, no different from the analog system to the digital system in electronic industries, but the transformation itself in the Arab region represents a real crisis due to the lack of prior preparation to adapt to the transformation and the lack of data to keep pace with it.

Technology Genius!

I am stuck in the worlds of technology by these genius abilities of artificial intelligence, they are no less important than the genius we saw in the appearance of Hebron’s “collective mind” by Ahmed Al-Farahidi and embodied in the dictionary of “al ain”, as reflected in the genius of management and organization in wasabi in his miracle book «advertising», as well as our opinion of the same genius of Ahmed the miracle darir ma’air in his “unnecessary necessities”.

The Metaverse Economy

Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg, at a press conference early last month, noted the metaphysical economy: “I think of metaphysics as the next generation of the internet. instead of being an external screen that we look at on our mobile phones or computer screens, the internet will become a part of us and we are part of it. the internet of the future is something we can be within,” Zuckerberg defines this new environment, the metaverse environment, as “an immersive virtual environment, where you can be with people in the digital environment and the digital community, that we can think of as an incarnate internet, in which you exist rather than just looking at it as it is now.”

Expo2020 Dubai Economy

Perhaps what can be seen very clearly since the launch of expo 2020 Dubai is the boom in the UAE’s tourism economy, which in turn has moved stagnant water and sent the spirit into development and the economy to re-emerge after being completely crippled by the corona pandemic at the local and global levels and has not been excluded.

Expo2020 Dubai and the task of neutralizing carbon

Expo2020 Dubai, which has been going on since the beginning of October and will continue until next March, carries on a great cosmic mission, as it is a meeting of civilizations and various peoples of the earth, it also seeks to create a different situation, in which the fate of this planet may change vitally and sustainably, which will save future generations of human beings, trees, and animals.

Expo2020 and Sustainability Development Opportunities

Throughout the history of the world expo, which has been held every five years somewhere in this world for nearly a century or a little less, it is perhaps the first time that it has been held with such a large presence of awareness, not only the awareness of coordination, preparation, preparation and the modernity of hosting. But also the awareness of the ideas underlying the exhibition, which call for the past, reflect the needs of the present and go to the future in a sustainable developmental expression.

Expo2020 Dubai and the Future of Sustainability

the premise of “the world is a small village” that globalization trends contributed to its formulation, would have been far from fully absorbed, had it not been for the way expo 2020 Dubai, which starts on October 1st and ends in march 2022, has been careful to achieve that hypothesis strictly, but not because of the way organization, preparation, and participation that encompasses most countries of the world

Expo2020 Dubai and the Industry of Civilization!

If the miracle that has been achieved by the presence of many nations in history is the miracle of responding to the challenges imposed by space, time, and the environment in which they were found, today we see and live in situations of an effective civilized presence of many peoples, the most important of which is the United Arab Emirates

Sustainable economic recovery!

It is certainly a very good time to think about ways of sustainable economic recovery and to think about the mentality of the genius world when acting, thinking, and providing adequate solutions. To reduce and prevent crises and disasters before they occur, not as we are used to, in this world, seeking solutions after crises and disasters.

The Direction Humanoid Robots are Headed

The news of technology and artificial intelligence technologies brings us new in a day and just as the revolution of Android, ISO, and other AI technologies. It took us nearly twenty years to bring us to these amazing developments in the product of the companies of these technologies.

Olive forests are burning!

Until recently, the fire in London and the charges of half the city were described as one of the greatest disasters in history and called the “Great Fire” in the history books and historians.

Corona’s economy and mental health!

The recent repercussions of Corona have revealed the most painful and cruel consequences of the pandemic from a financial recession and economic stagnation, and the displacement and displacement of millions of the world’s population from their jobs, which have recently emerged and spread in social circles, resulting in the forced isolation of the world due to quarantine and the imposed by precautionary safety rules on the world’s population.

Keep up with the knowledge economy markets!

Day after day, the knowledge and artificial intelligence economy in business markets is expanding around the world, yet there is a gap between those markets and the distance they require from educational institutions of all kinds.

Water farm economy!

The subject of water farms often goes to the somewhat familiar form of water farming without soil use called vertical agriculture, which is more an economic form of water than traditional economic methods of agriculture such as distillation, irrigation, etc

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Currencies!

Most financial and business market literature is always about cryptocurrencies, and they think they also mean cryptocurrencies; although the origin of the idea of cryptocurrencies is derived from cryptocurrency literature. And although the second overlaps with the former, their development and the prosperity of their fields point to the independence to which both terms have come to terms in what it means and specializes in.

Expo 2020 Dubai is the gateway to the world of the modern era!

Nothing can exhibit the idea of a “small village world” and the realities of life in it as the Expo can do. Technology and communication services have come a great way in realizing this idea. However, these facilities would not have existed without the Expo, where the first innovations in technology and communications were always presented.

Trans-planetary Trade!

If we are going to talk about the future, talking about globalization with future considerations is like talking about setting fire to two stones; the context we are going to talk about is the context of trans-planetary trade.

Knowledge Economy and Environment

Perhaps when sending an e-mail, of any importance, it should be followed by a vital phrase that many active and progressive institutions are committed to today: “Please take into account the environment before printing this message”, which means that the use of paper and ink causes serious damage to the environment and contributes to climate degradation.

Space tourism!

Space tourism in the simplest definition is recreational, recreational or professional space travel, supported by space tourism companies, and the role of space tourists goes beyond surveillance, to the implementation of scientific experiments as well in the context of their journey. It is also the natural evolution of travel and excursions, and although many scientists have described the “space tourism” project as the inevitable leap of humanity in the world of tourism and excursions, some experts view it with caution.

Looking Forward to the Future of Jobs and Their Completeness

There is a tremendous development that is increasing every day as technology evolves and automation expands, and there is widespread concern and debate about the future that awaits normal human functions in return for the emergence of the unusual, over the next few years, to 2030.

The future of the UAE industrial economy

The upcoming phase of the industrial economy will be an attractive opportunity for local and international investments. It will ensure to strengthen the UAE’s strategic industrial security, innovation, advanced technology and the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

6G technology

The production of devices of modern technology are largely governed by economic factors. Each generation of a product seems to have a noticeable difference that is directly related to its economic factor, not only in terms of the cost of the product, but also in terms of components quality and product effectiveness.

Women and the Knowledge Economy

Not only on International Women’s Day must we talk about women and the knowledge economy, and the fact that this context must be present all the time.

Digital Dollars

Was the normal economic situation good enough to talk about concerning the need to return to it, or did we have a real chance to change to a better situation, where we stand together to achieve a better situation than before?

Pioneer Probe

As the project of human civilization in the Arab world was dropping further, then on the verge of falling, there had to be a leading role in the Arab region; then there was a miracle, and the representations of this miracle were like the sight of someone who jumped from the top of a mountain slope, made his way to a plane, and then flew it high. It is the Emirates that created the miracle, flew high, and wrote and characterized civilizational leadership.

Digital World Utopia

Utopia refers to nowhere, or to the ideal fantasy place; it is a word used by many wise men and philosophers as a description of their perceptions of a world they dream of, or the world that they think should be, because, in their view, it is the ideal world that human society must continue, so thereby be full and proper, one to reach and be throughout history.

The Hypothesis of Adaptation

Charles Darwin says: “It is not the strongest members of the species who survive, nor the smartest, but the most capable of adapting to changes.”

Governing the Digital World!

To begin with, let’s imagine that we are on a plane in the sky, sitting comfortably, some of us eating, some of us drinking, some of us playing, some of us falling asleep, and some of us thinking about the actions that we will take when it comes down, then suddenly we discover, through a message recorded in the loudspeakers, that the undercarriage bay is empty, then the autopilot leads us to an airport that is still being planned, and whose construction has not yet been completed! This picture may be frightening, but it expresses the absence of governance we are experiencing in this digital world. We are afraid of the absence of governance, and before that, we are afraid of not knowing what we can face tomorrow in the light of this absence.

Governing the Digital World!

To begin with, let’s imagine that we are on a plane in the sky, sitting comfortably, some of us eating, some of us drinking, some of us playing, some of us falling asleep, and some of us thinking about the actions that we will take when it comes down, then suddenly we discover, through a message recorded in the loudspeakers, that the undercarriage bay is empty, then the autopilot leads us to an airport that is still being planned, and whose construction has not yet been completed! This picture may be frightening, but it expresses the absence of governance we are experiencing in this digital world.

Knowledge Cultivation and Cognitive Empowerment

In the knowledge economy, information has become the most important commodity in society; scientific knowledge has been transformed into a digital form; information and information services have become one of the most important elements of the knowledge economy, and under these new circumstances, the economy is no longer concerned only with goods, i.e. the trade of physical products, but has increased its reliance on the provision of services, and therefore the economy has gained a new feature of producing, marketing and selling services and information.

The Booming Season of Digital Currencies!

No system thrives without necessarily being compatible with its prosperity and the collapse of another system, or systems, and there is no prosperity for any commodity that is not necessarily compatible with the collapse of another commodity or commodities.

Soft Power is the Civilized Alternative

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned details about the importance of intellectual reclamation as one of the methods used to confront knowledge scarcity, and how to address research backwardness, to stimulate the power of the knowledge economy, and to revitalize it. I dedicate this article to discussing the soft power alternative in detail and expand upon it.


We do not usually reset ourselves, except when the things that hold us up fail us and turn their backs on us. So, resetting here

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans

Perhaps the great seriousness about the future of artificial intelligence and its applications was apparent in the great importance that the United States placed, at the end of 2016, in order to discuss it, as it held a special conference in the White House dealing with the future of artificial intelligence applications; reference, however, to the future of humans in the era of artificial intelligence within the conference was a vague signal, and it was not comprehended in the papers, nor did the outputs address it.

The Great Reset

We do not usually reset ourselves, except when the things that hold us up fail us and turn their backs on us. So, resetting here is an alternative solution to our collapse, or when we fail to find better alternatives than what is in our hands.

The “Commodification” of water

The year 2020 refuses to end peacefully. After all the tragedies that have decimated humanity, here comes more. Days ago, for the first time in the world, the establishment of the world’s first market for water futures contracts was announced, and this may lead to speculation by financiers who may trade water as if it were a commodity like oil and gold.

The Governance of 21st Century Transformations

The Corona pandemic was the yeast acting on the dough of human transformation towards technology, and instead of talking about the transformation in the last decades of the twenty-first century, the talk, in the same context, deals with the next few decades of this century as indulging in the experience of transformation altogether, which is imminent, and just around the corner from the inclusiveness of all walks of life, and its trends.

“Generation Alpha” Jobs

It appears, from many data sources, whose prosperity coincided with the Corona pandemic, namely, data technology and the wave of automation that permeated everything and spread to most professions and jobs, that the Corona pandemic has made itself a compulsory presence.

Corona Economy!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When there was a global cultural hierarchy, Europeans saw their culture as the highest and finest of all cultures, and sooner or later all peoples

Technological Literacy!

Some recent literature on economics, in the search for the feasibility of literacy by reaching a family-educated person, distinguishes between “nearby illiterates” and “isolated illiteracy”. The first refers to an illiterate person living in a family with writers, and the latter to a person living in a family of all illiterate people.

The Foundations of Building Knowledge Systems

Many thinkers and philosophers have long spoken of the importance of science and the power of knowledge in the transformations that humanity has undergone in its crucial stages of transition.

Cognitive Awareness Industry

The consciousness industry is a term invented by the author and theory author Hans Magnus Enzensberger, and it defines the mechanisms by which the human mind is reproduced as a social product.

Digital Museum

The Digital Museum is defined as a platform where museums large and small publish information about their purposes. According to the International Council of Museums, the Digital Museum is a permanent institution in the service and development of society, open to the public, acquiring, preserving, researching, communicating, and presenting the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment for education and study purposes.

Judicial Intelligence

If there is a key component of any human civilization, that component is the system of legislation and laws that regulate the movement and conduct of society and manage the continuity and growth of life there.

Cognitive Education

In all my previous articles, I have talked about the global shift towards the knowledge economy, which is intended to be a major resource for economic development based on education, the availability of technology and digital innovations, and the increasing value added to knowledge and informational goods, whose development depends on information accumulations, computers and various communication networks, and is also intended to produce, disseminate, employ, participate and use knowledge in order to improve the quality of life by benefiting from valuable information service and technological applications.

Cognitive Load

Old traditional educational systems were a heavy burden on human absorption and limited their creativity and innovation in various fields, relying mostly on patriarchal indoctrination, which tended to be well understood, creating a significant gap between absorption and production, so that translations of knowledge were always faced with the problem of cognitive loads, as cognitive deficiencies often allowed no more than the transmission of linguistically translated text, i.e., without its cognitive load.

Teaching Robots

After the technological revolution brought about by trends towards the Knowledge Economy, the utmost importance emerges in guiding applications of artificial intelligence, where human sovereignty over this universe is linked to its mental superiority over all beings;

Knowledge Human Resources Economy

In the industrial age, mass production was mental, and its products were in large quantities, with standard specifications which continued for almost the whole of the last century.

Looking Ahead to Graphene’s Future

In conjunction with the fourth economic revolution based on knowledge, there have been many exciting developments in materials science, perhaps the most prominent of which involves both the excitement and enthusiasm for graphene. This material is pure carbon in the form of a single sheet of one atom thickness.

Cognitive Mining

The widespread use of technology applications, artificial intelligence and aggressive trends towards the knowledge economy in general have led to the creation of large-scale data repositories, and these large data repositories will make a significant contribution to future decision-making, as appropriate knowledge detection mechanisms are applied to extract hidden information from such data, which can be invaluable for finding useful hidden patterns and trends and producing new observations on data.

Knowledge Governance

Before talking about knowledge governance, which this article addresses, it should be noted that any transformation and transition must, from scratch, be surrounded by many difficulties and randomness, and this statement applies to the transition from the previous capitalist economic systems to a knowledge-based economy. Between this transformation, with economic changes and new interactions, many institutions have experienced a great deal of capital fluctuation, resulting in mismanagement and widespread corruption due to misperceptions and, consequently, economic collapses in major international businesses, including a lack of transparency in all matters relating to financial lists and accounting procedures.

“Big Data” and the Knowledge Economy

In previous articles, I mentioned the most important features and manifestations of the knowledge economy, which coincided with the major technological developments in the world,

Economy in the Age of the Knowledge Economy

This era is called the Age of Knowledge, and this was the result of the new changes in the world in various fields, and the rapid development of the Technology and Information Revolution on a large scale,

Looking Ahead to the Future of Cryptocurrencies

In 1983, a researcher named David Chum published a research paper that showed the concept of digital money, which existed in theory from that date until 1990, when Digikash in Amsterdam founded an electronic payment company aimed at marketing David Chum’s research ideas.

Managing the Knowledge Economy

In my previous articles, I mentioned that a knowledge economy is an economy in which knowledge resources such as research, creative skills, talent of all kinds, and technical expertise, are critical, and a priority for other economic resources, which are at the forefront of this as an alternative to the manufacturing economy, or the industrial economy. According to the British definition, the vitality of the knowledge economy lies in the expertise and distinctive management of competitive knowledge services and products.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges

If we are going to talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is necessary to be exposed briefly to the stages that preceded this revolution. The First Industrial Revolution was based on the energy of water and steam engines to produce mechanics: the invention of James Watt, in 1775, contributed to the extension of industry in the 19th century from England to Europe and the United States, and the Second Industrial Revolution was based on electric power to create mass production, and this was the most important feature, which began in the early 20th century with the creations of Henry Ford in the production line.

From the Economy of Despair to the Knowledge Economy

The old philosophers stressed that knowledge is power, that knowledge and human power are sprawling, and that the most painful thing for Man was to have knowledge, but lack the strength and that power, which means action and the ability to apply knowledge and transform it into an economy, because that is the ultimate goal in life.

The Future of Human Jobs and the Knowledge Economy

There is a wide-ranging debate about the future of human jobs, coupled with the prosperity of the knowledge economy, the development of technology, and the devices of artificial intelligence, and it may be said that an employee in this economy may lose his job in the traditional reality, but what must be noted is that alternative jobs have begun to function and are trying to find space in the human world, provided by the knowledge economy in the worlds of technology in general.

The Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Societies

If the economy is the key factor in shaping life, maintaining leadership, and sustaining growth and prosperity, according to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, requires a transition to the age of the knowledge economy as soon as possible.

Decentralization of the Digital Economy

The digital economy is defined as an economy that relies mainly on information technology, which means every stage of information manufacturing, from culture, training, and teaching, through the manufacture of physical computer parts and components, and then to the manufacture of computer software, or something computer-based, in one form or another.

Bitcoin and The Abolition of Monetary Centralization

In its history, the financial economy has known multiple financial systems, the oldest of which may be the barter system, and despite its extensive financial transactions, it was not purely mathematically economic, it was linked to the language and its discharge. the system had advantages, the most important of which was the lack of centralization to which it was invoked and similarly had some disadvantages: the difficulty of finding a single measure of commodity exchange, the incompatibility of the wishes of the seller and the buyer simultaneously, the difficulty of having a valid public means of value storage, as well as the difficulty of having an appropriate unit for forwarding payment, as well as the difficulty of fragmenting some goods.

Soft Power is the Alternative of Civilization.

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned details about the importance of intellectual reclamation as one of the ways to counter cognitive scarcity, how to address research backwardness, to revive the power of the cognitive economy, and to implicitly refer to soft power as another means, which comes in the same context, and in the same importance as in my series of articles on the cognitive economy, and I dedicate this article to talking about the alternative of soft power in detail and expansion.

Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Human Beings.

The great seriousness of the future of artificial intelligence and its applications may be evident in the great importance that the united states at the end of 2016 attached to its discussion, where it held a special conference at the white house on the future of ai applications, but the reference to the future of humans in the era of artificial intelligence at the conference was vague, and did not understand it in its papers, nor did its outputs address it.

The Authority and Importance of Cultural Engineering in the World of Cognitive economics

The lack of intellectuals in the world has always been a natural consequence of the difficulty required by focused thinking, thus evading the world’s responsibility to think, taking the path of mental comfort, creating a fascinating course for most of what it wants to do, and even adopting ready-made ideas, rather than developing its ability to think focused, as a vital alternative, to address the difficulties of its life, to manage its lives and to manage its affairs.

Awareness Industry and Facing Research Backwardness

In my article, I also outlined some outlines of what should and should not be done about the knowledge
economy and the creative industries; here I add more comprehensive, more focused details on the
conscious environment and the concept of cultural engineering, to address research and cognitive

Innovative Incubators and The Task of Addressing Research Backwardness

In my previous article, I spoke briefly about research backwardness and generous support for the currents of intellectual extremism, which comes at the expense of failure to support research centers and institutions, and we should have elaborated on how we could address this phenomenon.