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Expo 2020 Dubai is the gateway to the world of the modern era!

Nothing can exhibit the idea of a “small village world” and the realities of life in it as the Expo can do. Technology and communication services have come a great way in realizing this idea. However, these facilities would not have existed without the Expo, where the first innovations in technology and communications were always presented.

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Trans-planetary Trade!

If we are going to talk about the future, talking about globalization with future considerations is like talking about setting fire to two stones; the context we are going to talk about is the context of trans-planetary trade.

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Knowledge Economy and Environment

Perhaps when sending an e-mail, of any importance, it should be followed by a vital phrase that many active and progressive institutions are committed to today: “Please take into account the environment before printing this message”, which means that the use of paper and ink causes serious damage to the environment and contributes to climate degradation.

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Space tourism!

Space tourism in the simplest definition is recreational, recreational or professional space travel, supported by space tourism companies, and the role of space tourists goes beyond surveillance, to the implementation of scientific experiments as well in the context of their journey. It is also the natural evolution of travel and excursions, and although many scientists have described the “space tourism” project as the inevitable leap of humanity in the world of tourism and excursions, some experts view it with caution.

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The future of the UAE industrial economy

The upcoming phase of the industrial economy will be an attractive opportunity for local and international investments. It will ensure to strengthen the UAE’s strategic industrial security, innovation, advanced technology and the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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6G technology

The production of devices of modern technology are largely governed by economic factors. Each generation of a product seems to have a noticeable difference that is directly related to its economic factor, not only in terms of the cost of the product, but also in terms of components quality and product effectiveness.

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Digital Dollars

Was the normal economic situation good enough to talk about concerning the need to return to it, or did we have a real chance to change to a better situation, where we stand together to achieve a better situation than before?

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