د. مناهل ثابت

Sustainable Economy

A sustainable economy can be defined as that economy based on capital based on human innovations and creativity, serves the goals of sustainable development, and requires consideration of the environment in all its endeavors

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Metaverse Trade

Hollywood has always imagined the technologies humanity needs. Jake Sully, the protagonist in the movie Avatar, who uses a wheelchair in the avatar of James Cameron, goes to work to save a distant planet via a radio connection to a distant object.

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Barter Revive

As it seems, the shift towards digital and electronic currencies, which is increasing day after day, will impose several types of attempts to rebel against it and not comply with it, and it will also send monetary practices that were in the coffins of oblivion.

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Cognitive Flow

Today’s age of knowledge has many advantages and features, especially the tools it provides to facilitate the transfer and circulation of knowledge between the audience of its seekers and recipients.

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Commodification of Knowledge

“Knowledge Entertainment”, a term by which i mean the transformation of knowledge into a commodity, is the capital of the economy of the global knowledge system, and its most important asset. it must be made clear that the issue of knowledge-giving depends on the existence of two important things, one knowledge cities, and the other the tools of the knowledge industry,

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Beyond traditional money!

In the distant or distant time, the old man began his financial dealings with the barter system, and then his financial dealings developed with the development of the economic system, and after moving from the barter system to the monetary currency system.

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Spider Forest!

Three web courses are starting from the year to end with the most private, the first course in the course of public networks, which is used by the general public and includes all social networks and specialized sites of all kinds.

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