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د. مناهل ثابت

Financial Education!

Traditional curricula strive to adopt parental indoctrination in their educational style in a stereotype that varies from region to region only to the extent that accents and dialects imposed by the surrounding environment differ.

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The Crisis of the transition to the knowledge economy!

For nearly a decade, the world has been undergoing a radical shift towards the knowledge system, no different from the analog system to the digital system in electronic industries, but the transformation itself in the Arab region represents a real crisis due to the lack of prior preparation to adapt to the transformation and the lack of data to keep pace with it.

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Technology Genius!

I am stuck in the worlds of technology by these genius abilities of artificial intelligence, they are no less important than the genius we saw in the appearance of Hebron’s “collective mind” by Ahmed Al-Farahidi and embodied in the dictionary of “al ain”, as reflected in the genius of management and organization in wasabi in his miracle book «advertising», as well as our opinion of the same genius of Ahmed the miracle darir ma’air in his “unnecessary necessities”.

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The Metaverse Economy

Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg, at a press conference early last month, noted the metaphysical economy: “I think of metaphysics as the next generation of the internet. instead of being an external screen that we look at on our mobile phones or computer screens, the internet will become a part of us and we are part of it. the internet of the future is something we can be within,” Zuckerberg defines this new environment, the metaverse environment, as “an immersive virtual environment, where you can be with people in the digital environment and the digital community, that we can think of as an incarnate internet, in which you exist rather than just looking at it as it is now.”

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Expo2020 Dubai Economy

Perhaps what can be seen very clearly since the launch of expo 2020 Dubai is the boom in the UAE’s tourism economy, which in turn has moved stagnant water and sent the spirit into development and the economy to re-emerge after being completely crippled by the corona pandemic at the local and global levels and has not been excluded.

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Expo2020 Dubai and the task of neutralizing carbon

Expo2020 Dubai, which has been going on since the beginning of October and will continue until next March, carries on a great cosmic mission, as it is a meeting of civilizations and various peoples of the earth, it also seeks to create a different situation, in which the fate of this planet may change vitally and sustainably, which will save future generations of human beings, trees, and animals.

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Expo2020 and Sustainability Development Opportunities

Throughout the history of the world expo, which has been held every five years somewhere in this world for nearly a century or a little less, it is perhaps the first time that it has been held with such a large presence of awareness, not only the awareness of coordination, preparation, preparation and the modernity of hosting. But also the awareness of the ideas underlying the exhibition, which call for the past, reflect the needs of the present and go to the future in a sustainable developmental expression.

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