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د. مناهل ثابت

Expo2020 Dubai and the Future of Sustainability

the premise of “the world is a small village” that globalization trends contributed to its formulation, would have been far from fully absorbed, had it not been for the way expo 2020 Dubai, which starts on October 1st and ends in march 2022, has been careful to achieve that hypothesis strictly, but not because of the way organization, preparation, and participation that encompasses most countries of the world

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Expo2020 Dubai and the Industry of Civilization!

If the miracle that has been achieved by the presence of many nations in history is the miracle of responding to the challenges imposed by space, time, and the environment in which they were found, today we see and live in situations of an effective civilized presence of many peoples, the most important of which is the United Arab Emirates

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Sustainable economic recovery!

It is certainly a very good time to think about ways of sustainable economic recovery and to think about the mentality of the genius world when acting, thinking, and providing adequate solutions. To reduce and prevent crises and disasters before they occur, not as we are used to, in this world, seeking solutions after crises and disasters.

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The Direction Humanoid Robots are Headed

The news of technology and artificial intelligence technologies brings us new in a day and just as the revolution of Android, ISO, and other AI technologies. It took us nearly twenty years to bring us to these amazing developments in the product of the companies of these technologies.

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Olive forests are burning!

Until recently, the fire in London and the charges of half the city were described as one of the greatest disasters in history and called the “Great Fire” in the history books and historians.

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Corona’s economy and mental health!

The recent repercussions of Corona have revealed the most painful and cruel consequences of the pandemic from a financial recession and economic stagnation, and the displacement and displacement of millions of the world’s population from their jobs, which have recently emerged and spread in social circles, resulting in the forced isolation of the world due to quarantine and the imposed by precautionary safety rules on the world’s population.

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Keep up with the knowledge economy markets!

Day after day, the knowledge and artificial intelligence economy in business markets is expanding around the world, yet there is a gap between those markets and the distance they require from educational institutions of all kinds.

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