Expo2020 and Sustainability Development Opportunities

Expo2020 and Sustainability Development Opportunities

Throughout the history of the world expo, which has been held every five years somewhere in this world for nearly a century or a little less, it is perhaps the first time that it has been held with such a large presence of awareness, not only the awareness of coordination, preparation, preparation and the modernity of hosting.

But also the awareness of the ideas underlying the exhibition, which call for the past, reflect the needs of the present and go to the future in a sustainable developmental expression.

That present awareness can be seen in the inclusiveness of the assimilation of different peoples and civilizations with their cultures to achieve and serve sustainable development through the three sectors espoused by expo 2020 Dubai: mobility, sustainability, and opportunity.

Because we want to talk here about the opportunity sector that is linked to three key components of the continuity of life on this planet without draining its resources or disrupting its ecosystem of water, food, and energy.
As these three are linked to the unsustainable development goals, we will find through the ideas available at expo 2020 Dubai in the opportunity sector, particularly in the un region, which is also involved in the context of its sustainable development goals, offering new visions and educational programs aimed at inspiring visitors from different countries around the world to achieve and enhance the possibility of achieving the 17 development goals to ensure the sustainability of human survival on the planet without any obstacles or lack of water. food, energy, and as long as possible.

On the other hand, the world of opportunity hosts the world best practices expo 2020 Dubai, which showcases simple but effective initiatives that are linked to sustainable development goals and can be adapted, simulated, or expanded to achieve enhanced global impact.

Visitors across the water, food, and energy trails of the world of opportunity lead three guides whose innovative projects have been implemented with minimal resources, but which have nevertheless had an unrealistic impact on their communities.

Abel Cruz of Peru solves the problem of water shortages by making fog nets, which harvest fog and turn it into water.
Maryam al-junaibi of the UAE works in sustainable organic agriculture, promotes it and promotes healthy eating practices, and encourages individuals to grow their vegetables.

Fatima Juma haji, a head trainer who teaches women to install solar panels, helps generate sustainable energy in Zanzibar, where less than 4% of the population has access to electricity.
it reflects what many scientists have always thought in that the misuse of land and other natural resources resulted in the economic and political collapse of the first civilizations.

Perhaps what can be said after this article is that human civilization has flourished only with man’s ability to innovate and his constant and persistent quest to receive science and acquire knowledge and that the peoples of human civilizations have only lived up when they understand that opportunity is the word for the problem, and if we understand that the human being living on this planet faces/or will face a problem related to water, food, and energy, that problem is his opportunity to change the course of the journey of life and the trend towards innovation that will give him better means. life is safer, more economical, and more useful in its sustainable benefits.

And to talk the rest.

Author : د. مناهل ثابت

Al Bayan Newspaper

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