Expo2020 Dubai and the Industry of Civilization!

Expo2020 Dubai and the Industry of Civilization!

If the miracle that has been achieved by the presence of many nations in history is the miracle of responding to the challenges imposed by space, time, and the environment in which they were found.

Today we see and live in situations of an effective civilized presence of many peoples, the most important of which is the United Arab Emirates, and it seems that the civilized strength of these peoples is nothing but a response to the challenges and rejection of the logic of the idea of the impossible in their dictionary.

His highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the deputy prime minister and ruler of Dubai, says: “there is no impossible word in our country’s dictionary.” from here too, the secrets of the modern civilization industry founded and promoted in the UAE can be discovered.

This also brings us a clear vision to the theory of “challenge and response” by the British historian Arnold Toynbee, in which he explained that no civilization can exist on this earth, old or new, if there is no challenge to it, both at the environmental level and at all levels, and to the extent that societies respond to those challenges as much as great civilizations can rise and rise.

For two decades, the UAE has been at the forefront of development benchmarks in all fields, not only at the Arab level, but has gone beyond that to a global level, and every time it hits its development and civilizational goals with infinite accuracy, and creatively says that the future of any civilization depends on its ability to innovate and innovate.
one of the old wise men says: “the applicant does not benefit from his progress if he falls short, and it does not harm his delay if he is serious.”
another sage says: “what harms people from saying what the first left to the other is nothing”, and through these two sayings, it can be emphasized that simply singing the glories of ancient Arab civilization will not make us an effective presence and will not give us a civilized space among nations, and this is never enough when we stop creativity and innovation and upgrade those old civilized approaches that the ancient Arab civilizations followed.

The resumption of the journey of Arab civilization has already begun with this development and civilizational movement, which was ignited by the United Arab Emirates in the Arab region, and from now on we can regain our ambitions and desire sought, and boast that we are descendants of those who have lit the pages of human history with their scientific, artistic and cultural achievements at all levels.

A civilized event that represents an Arab carnival that must be celebrated by all the peoples of the Arab region, and it represents a great stone in the details of the construction of the edifice of modern Arab civilization.
that event and event is the Expo2020 Dubai, which has only a few days left between us and its launch, and then lasts for six months, through which it can be said that the Arabs have risen to a difficult level from which they would have been spared, had it not been for the efforts of Dubai in particular, and the UAE in general, represented by the experienced leadership that runs the wheel of the ship of modern civilization.

Hosting Expo2020 Dubai has been a great challenge for the UAE, and it can even be said that it is the miracle of the Arabs in the modern era, and if it were not for this country’s response to that challenge and its well-absorbed achievement, and if the first world countries are managing the global economy, starting with expo Dubai 2020 the UAE will take the reins from it.

It takes the lead instead and redirects the course of the global economy, not only because of the deficit they have experienced in the face of the circumstances imposed by the corona pandemic, but because the leadership of the United Arab Emirates is qualified to do so, and can declare a new birth to the world economy with skill and competence.

And to talk the rest.

Author : د. مناهل ثابت

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