The Scientific Genius: Manahel Thabet

The Scientific Genius: Manahel Thabet

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet


 Prof. Manahel Tabet has a World Genius Directory listed IQ of 164, and was named the original Genius of the Year representing Asia in 2013. Thabet is world-famous for having made fundamental contributions in the fields of Quantum Mathematics, and Financial Engineering; hence, we give her the title, “The Scientific Genius.”

Early Development Born:

 Aden, Yemen, on October 14, 1981. Personality Traits: As a child, Thabet had delayed speech development. A speech therapist advised her family to have her intelligence tested, and at seven years old, she was identified as gifted. She has also recently disclosed that she also struggles with Aspergers, which is an autism spectrum disorder.


● Ph.D. in Financial Engineering (2008)

● Ph.D. in Quantum Mathematics (2012)

Professional Achievements

Currently, the Founder and President of SmartTips Consultants in Dubai, a premier provider for tools and techniques to grow businesses on a global scale. Thabet is also the President The World IQ Foundation, Vice President of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), Deputy Director of the Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, and Vice-Chancellor of The Gifted Academy. A talented leader who can be called polymath. Thabet is involved as a successful leader in numerous organizations that connect science, knowledge, and business in the global arena. As a leading voice on numerous topics, Thabet has published articles on topics of financial engineering, knowledge based economy, quantum mathematics, quantum neurology, and the quantum brain. Her work and expert opinions have been featured in several leading publications both nationally and around the world, and she is often sought out as a subject matter expert in these areas. For her leadership, inspiration, and contributions to the sciences and business, Prof. Thabet has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, which include Freedom of the City of London, Brain of the Year Award, Guinness World Record in mind ability, Middle East Achievement Awards in Science, Prosperity Foundation Awards, and Genius of the Year. She has been listed amongst the most powerful 500 Arabs in the world and the 100 most powerful women in the Middle East and was included on the BBC’s list of the 100 most inspirational women across the globe. Her accomplishments and professional record are unmatched by others in her field, and her societal contributions have withstood the test of time and brought about positive, systemic global change. Prof. Mahanel Thabet has influenced the lives of many with her work, and she has managed to create an impact not just in her native nation, but across the globe while continuing to make great strides in the global arena for all. Thabet founded and led a mind ability enhancement center called Think Hub, believing that human capital is the future asset.

High-IQ Achievements

Until recently, few knew about Manahel’s struggle with autism spectrum Aspergers, and how she defeated all odds. Prof. Manahel Thabet is ranked amongst the thirty smartest people alive and has held the world record in 2013 for the highest IQ as a woman. A passionate leader and inspirational voice for several matters, including Gifted individuals, women in STEM and mental abilities, Prof. Thabet currently serves in leadership roles for several international organizations and groups that include SmartTips Consultants, The Think Hub, IBCHN, and World IQ Foundation. Manahel Thabet, ranked amongst the smartest women in the world, is an inspirational Arab “self made” Leader, intellectual activist, and business entrepreneur. Prof. Thabet serves in a leadership capacity and advisory boards for several of the world’s most prominent global organizations and groups, including foremost organizations for high IQ individuals, governments, research, and business. A new face for the small- and medium-scale enterprises in the GCC countries. Thabet brings a clear vision and great perseverance to her global perspective and has introduced herself to new height while continuing to push individuals and corporate organizations forward.

Genius Pro Mundo Statement

“Although intellectuals are enlightened, the majority strive and always search for learning new things or reading about new subjects to constantly widening their horizons. Intellects always work for the enbetterment from within and many example had proved intellects also worry to em better others as well; either the less unfortunate or other fellow intellects. “Strive” is a key work in the well being of every intellect, it is the fuel that keeps the engine going. In the Middle East, especially, we need to highlight and improve gifted children exploration and education, we should also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving methods. If we could wish one thing upon the intellects of their, what is that? I wish that intellects around the world could join their thoughts, ideas and actions to at least send some Light across to the world. If they can help or assist even one person out there through that, it would be a nice wish come true. We should work together for the betterment of Humanity.”

-Prof. Manahel Thabet

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