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Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

As the project of human civilization in the Arab world was dropping further, then on the verge of falling, there had to be a leading role in the Arab region; then there was a miracle, and the representations of this miracle were like the sight of someone who jumped from the top of a mountain slope, made his way to a plane, and then flew it high. It is the Emirates that created the miracle, flew high, and wrote and characterized civilizational leadership.

The civilized project adopted by the UAE since its inception has been to create what did not exist from the representations of modern civilization, in accordance with its new causes and data, as well as to develop what lives and exists by providing new sources and ideas, plus organizing work and resources to reach the project of civilization that we see today in the details of the UAE Renaissance.

The leadership which represents the UAE Renaissance can be clearly seen in its initiation of the cultural renaissance project at all levels and different contexts, and its introduction to the beginning of the road for others, the initiative of creative ideas, and the pioneering to plan projects based on innovative ideas, new ones, based on development, and risk, the last of which was its leadership of the Middle East space project by the “Probe of Hope” that conquered space and reached Mars, raised the UAE pioneers’ flag of the UAE leadership; this achievement, that will be immortalized in history on the red planet, and thus, the UAE has paved the way for everyone who will come later to the region.

Perhaps the most important achievement for the UAE is this success and leadership; it is the possession of the state with a clear and specific goal, and its possession of new opinions and ideas that always support the goal it is working on, and the clarity of vision through which it seeks to achieve its goals and strengthen itself, and support it with optimism and hope, to work to achieve those different goals, and this is clearly reflected, even in the name given to its space probe, the “Probe of Hope”.

The presence of a clear and planned vision of the ambitions that the UAE leadership has, enabled the UAE to turn its objectives into reality, as well as taking the lead, always achieving success, in addition to the ability of the UAE leadership to make different decisions, and the positive and orderly thinking it enjoys, which always make it the first pioneers, not only at the regional level, but globally.

The real leadership quality of the UAE is that it knows exactly how to turn its dreams into reality by devoting enough time and effort to them. The UAE’s cultural leadership project has 10 features: creativity, passion, enthusiasm, optimism, a focus on the future, the ability to convince, flexibility, intelligence, adventure, and firmness.

The success of the UAE is that it is not satisfied with things as they are; it has always been thinking out of the box, always looking for new opportunities to come up with creative solutions to problems; Emiratis love what they do, devote their full energy and effort to the civilization project that they founded, and they are ready to spend a long time and make a great effort to launch and manage their project to succeed, always looking for the bright side, and finding it, always.

They always focus on how to do things better and make the world a better place to live in. They do not live in the past; they do not focus on the negative, they always focus on the future.

They know exactly what they want, so they set themselves specific, smart goals, and then they do whatever it takes to achieve those goals; Emiratis can convince others of what they think, are able to adapt to unusual situations, are flexible, capable, and even willing to learn new things.

They are open to change and accept it in a spirit of sportsmanship; so long as it contributes to their success, they do not escape the challenges and obstacles, but face them. They are smart, and they benefit from everything they have, whether it is money, time or effort; everything they have goes according to a tight plan and for a specific goal; they plan well for the unknown, and therefore, they make the best decisions that serve them and their businesses; Emiratis know what to do, and they don’t hesitate to make decisions that make them successful; they don’t allow opportunities to get away from their hands; instead, they take them and end their duties; first and foremost, the Emiratis know very well that the real risk lies in not taking risks, and for all that, Emiratis are the pioneers. A tribute to the leadership and people of the UAE, and a blessing to the Arabs, the “probe of hope”, glory and leadership. And to talk the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published February 09, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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