The Crisis of the transition to the knowledge economy!

The Crisis of the transition to the knowledge economy!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

For nearly a decade, the world has been undergoing a radical shift towards the knowledge system, no different from the analog system to the digital system in electronic industries, but the transformation itself in the Arab region represents a real crisis due to the lack of prior preparation to adapt to the transformation and the lack of data to keep pace with it.

The details and manifestations of the crisis of transformation towards the knowledge economy and knowledge systems in the Arab region can be clearly considered through a set of tools associated with the knowledge economy, the most important manifestations of which are the appearance of the shift towards the digital currency and the difficulty of imagining the shift towards it in the public mind because of the lack of pre-preparedness and readiness to accept it.

The weakness in the details of internet infrastructure and technology use, as well as the weakness of communications structure in some countries, in addition to the lack of governance, cybersecurity manifestations, and other manifestations such as increased intellectual illiteracy.

All these and other manifestations may play a vital role in promoting coordinated monopoly by transcontinental companies, exploiting and acquiring the public, making competition very weak or perhaps apparently absent.

The absence of all these manifestations will certainly lead to congestion in the professional and practical sectors in the future, especially in the Arab region, which in turn will lead to the biggest economic crisis in the history of the Arab world, and will probably prevail in large parts of other continents, where automation that penetrates more every day will cause the details of daily life, which are also not prepared in advance by modernizing the basic and academic curricula to keep pace with the manifestations of the global knowledge system and its data technology and other tools, to produce the highest level of unemployment and depression and the reason for this as I said in addition to updating the curriculum at all levels, lack of pre-preparation in all aspects and requirements of the knowledge system and the economy based on it.

During this decade, the need for employment has increased and in an earlier world bank report that identified that need for more than 40 million jobs, this need may be a natural parallel to the extreme technological poverty that the Arab region has been experiencing since the beginning of the knowledge age.

In the Arab region, we must look at a set of important points that I can identify in this article to solve the crisis of transformation even relatively so that the wheel of economic growth moves and is in line with the wheel of global economic growth, the first of which is:

Serious full-time and dedication to the transition to a knowledge economy and the belief that the transition to innovation is an idea is ripe, and secondly to understand that the relationship between knowledge and innovation (and by extension of production) is indisputable, as well as understanding the transition to a knowledge economy as a motivational relationship between three factors: education that increases production and production stimulates economic growth.

Finally, an important issue can be observed: the sure healing that can be waged from the economic recession and the crisis of transformation in the Arab region towards the knowledge economy and knowledge systems is related to motivating young people and encouraging them to make specialized educational choices mainly related to the data of technology and the outputs of the knowledge age in the world, and it is not necessary to say that this stimulus will work to absent human disciplines but more importantly to humanize the educational curricula of specialties related to technology through the re-engineering and reproduction of educational curricula. in accordance with the age of knowledge and without any absence of humanity in it.

And to talk the rest.

Author : Prof. Manahel Thabet
Published: November 19, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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