Corona’s economy and mental health!

Corona’s economy and mental health!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

The recent repercussions of Corona have revealed the most painful and cruel consequences of the pandemic from a financial recession and economic stagnation, and the displacement and displacement of millions of the world’s population from their jobs, which have recently emerged and spread in social circles, resulting in the forced isolation of the world due to quarantine and the imposed by precautionary safety rules on the world’s population.

Most first-world governments have made a lot of efforts to contain the economic crisis and the problems of stagnation and unemployment, paying attention to several issues aimed at preserving the safety of their citizens, saving them from bankruptcy and overall economic collapse, through what they called “financial rescue packages” that have changed citizens’ support, and the economy has been boosted and the economy has moved to a halt altogether, and despite their keenness to provide maximum assistance to their citizens, they have missed more severe repercussions than the economic fall.

For society, financial rescue packages had to include an additional task, along with the main task of providing financial support to citizens, and the side effects of isolation in which people entered forcibly and their residues, which only appear in the relatively long term, have dropped the complications caused by isolation: diseases and mental illnesses.

Not only isolation is the only player in the issue of morbidity and mental illness, economic pressures, financial losses, and unemployment are among the most important causes of these diseases and their spread in society and have many forms and images in which they appear, including depression, including hallucinations, including schizophrenia, and in return people can not because of the social stigma that haunts the mentally ill person in society to deal with them consciously, either the patient’s parents keep silent on their patient for fear of society, until his condition worsens, and then worsens the symptoms and then gets the disease completely, Then it does not work with him to treat or take medication, or to take risks.

Today, instead of the racist practice and discrimination that some governments have become famous in previous times against this group of people, we find a real awareness among some governments in the world, which realize that good economic production needs good mental health, it is like the story of the depression of factory workers in the industrial economic era, which ended with the deterioration of production first and the suicide of some workers also after their depression worsened, and after the intervention of psychologists in the matter, they found that the causes of This condition, in addition to the noise of machines, the color of the walls of factories and dark machines, and after changing those colors to comfortable colors of sight, soothing heartbeats and nerves faded complaints and the depression of the workers faded and production flourished.

Similarly, the deterioration of the world’s economy as a result of the epidemic, together with the forced isolation imposed on people, has caused many mental illnesses and some States in the world have been very interested in the issue of good mental health among their citizens, as economic leaders.

In addition to its keenness to provide assistance and assistance to the community, especially in light of the pandemic, and as an expression of its civilized behavior since its inception, the United Arab Emirates has taken the initiative to provide full assistance and assistance to its citizens and those living concerning mental health, consciously aware that it is a natural state produced by the state of quarantine and isolation in which people forcibly placed themselves, and, more importantly, as a natural product of the state of unemployment, economic stagnation and financial losses that have afflicted all societies of the world, and have not been spared from all societies of the world. Its repercussions are only a few.

Perhaps to say at the end of this article that the relationship between prosperity and economic prosperity and mental health is one of homogeneity, symmetry or d and significance if we see a state of economic well-being along with it a state of well-being in mental health, and if we see a state of economic stagnation and financial recession we will see alongside it a state of illness and mental illness, at which point governments need to alleviate that situation and try to absorb it as much as possible. And to talk the rest.

Author : Prof. Manahel Thabet
Published: August 13, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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