Corona Economy!

Corona Economy!

When there was a global cultural hierarchy, Europeans saw their culture as the highest and finest of all cultures, and sooner or later all peoples had to raise their culture to the level of European culture, and immigrants to Europe always had to give up their identity and differences, integrate as the population wanted, and be like them.

This is called ingestion or “assimilation”, and anthropologist Strauss calls it “to eat differences” and this alternative was a modern version of the “cannibal strategy” which preceded corona.

Today, when the world faces the health pandemic, it must find a solution to economic problems, especially after the loss of business, professions and jobs, and the adoption of new economic mechanisms is the only solution to break this critical impasse, and technology tools must be used to practice this new economy as the only option.

Hence, this new economy has become a single world culture that has imposed itself on the whole world and everyone must abandon their differences and forget its specificity for the exercise of this economy and survive. This economy was the common denominator of the world and resembled in detail the details of the “cannibal strategy” and the culture of ingestion or assimilation and the casting of the mould.

In the context of the Corona pandemic, no one can adopt an economic culture that has a specific and different profile of the world, independent of technology tools, and which is far from that being used, yet everyone is forced into this new economic practice.

The mechanisms of this economy have been dedicated to individualism and pure self in practice, and it is no longer important for the individual who practises this economy to be an economy qualification holder, nor to have great experience to succeed; and it does not matter how much there is an institutional entity with a name or brand, which has employees and a business license to achieve popularity, proliferation and profits, while there is only a computer connected to the Internet, and sitting in front of the screen is someone who wants to work.

The major economic and social problems of the world are also being addressed.

The Corona pandemic will transform it from year to year and will reposition in individual entities, re-launching through technology tools from private to public.

According to the current data of the Corona era, future economic leaders are coming from behind computer screens, i.e., the economy will take the profile of individuals instead of the stereotypical institutional entities that the world has written about before Corona, and questions can be formulated at the end of this article: What vision can the economy hold, and what situation will the world become according to this vision?

Will you do better than institutional economic entities? Could it be a radical solution to the issue of eradicating poverty? And to talk the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published October 16, 2020
Al Bayan Newspaper

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