The Direction Humanoid Robots are Headed

The Direction Humanoid Robots are Headed

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

The news of technology and artificial intelligence technologies brings us new in a day and just as the revolution of Android, ISO, and other AI technologies. It took us nearly twenty years to bring us to these amazing developments in the product of the companies of these technologies.

We find that perhaps as confirmed by the daily news, it will take a similar time. The perceptions began early in the history of human civilization in the field of human robots industries that work with artificial intelligence technology, which we want to talk about his future in this article.

History books and mythology refer to the term “Golem” as one of the oldest models of artificial intelligence mentioned in human history. Deeply rooted (and dazzled) about the possibility of smart and conscious technology coming out of human control, although designed to be an obedient, effective and formidable type of “low-tech” robot, Gollum (in most history stories and literature) goes. In the end, he is independent of his masters, and it destroys his human makers.

Perhaps the basis of this obsession about the concerns associated with the human-like robotics industry has been reflected in the independent self-development ai technology away from the makers and programmers of these robotic industries.

As the AI technologies in which these robots operate may reach a level of awareness and ability to develop their programming independently and creates there own language of understanding, not even understood by their programmer and original maker.

There is a mental euphoria that accompanies these industries and prevents the continuous development of robotics software, this euphoria is the euphoria of the manufacturer of what he makes, the innovator of what he creates, the glory of what he understands and understands, and in addition economic dimensions are justifying that development in which the major industrialized countries and robotics manufacturers compete, dimensions associated with the expansion of influence and control in the context of technology trade and industries.

As is clear, the future that awaits human civilization under these transformations will move far away from the biological roots of the human being and, in turn, the future of the technology industries of artificial intelligence will flourish. Automation or interpretation has not long ago begun and will continue to expand until it absorbs everything.

Its cognitive accumulations, its ability to think, its intelligence, etc. play a key role in it, it can be said that it will inevitably disappear and go to another hand, undoubtedly the hand of artificial intelligence technologies and robotic technology products; Attention is paid to such a thing, it can be confirmed that the future of subsequent generations will be unknown and suspicious, as in saying “be or not”. And to talk the rest.

Author : Prof. Manahel Thabet
Published: August 27, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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