Sustainable economic recovery!

Sustainable economic recovery!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

It is certainly a very good time to think about ways of sustainable economic recovery and to think about the mentality of the genius world when acting, thinking, and providing adequate solutions. To reduce and prevent crises and disasters before they occur, not as we are used to, in this world, seeking solutions after crises and disasters.

It can be said that there can be no sustainable development in the world without being based on sustainable economic recovery. The latter being the fuel, with which the wheel of development is moving and without which we will find only dust trapping us from all sides.

Achieving a sustainable economic recovery means not only the development of institutions specialized in permanent preparedness and readiness, to deal with disasters, and to plan well to absorb them and reduce their manifestations but also to closely link potential risk forecasting centers.

Research centers think that there are active in decision-making, as well as their harmony with State institutions and society, all of which are certainly linked to the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals and achieve a certainly sustainable economic recovery.

If we reflect a little on the current global landscape during the confrontation with the corona pandemic. The problem we have encountered is that we have gone to address the crisis of the twenty-first century with tools and means associated with the beginning of the twentieth century.

Forgetting the data of civilization and its causes in which we live, that is, we live in the future, and we use the tools of the past with the most important crises we face every day. Yes, we practiced urbanization with all the old data, and we updated it only with this event, in which we did not learn to live and deal with it, so we turned to the tools, plans, and means of the past, all of which proved our total helplessness and lack of something, as philosophers say, does not give it.

The recovery plans that occurred after the first wave of the corona pandemic went far from what was supposed to truly revived it and should have all been geared towards the development of important sectors vital to the present and the future, which revealed the first wave of covid 19 about its shortcomings.

The pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, the digitization of education, hygiene, proper nutrition, water, clean energy, insurance, information, security, and vocational training (especially the composition of workers who will make these investments); these sectors, which is generally expressed as the “economy of life” are the most important priorities that should always be noted for their development.

To create what I call sustainable economic recovery, not only at the current stage but always even after the pandemic has ended and its consequences are disappearing. It means permanent readiness to face disasters, and it means limiting and preventing prevention and prevention of disasters. crises and disasters mean sustainable economic recovery.

Attention necessarily remains to the issue of the industry of collective awareness in society, where this civilized appearance is critical to achieving a state of sustainable economic recovery through the awareness of individuals in society, what they face can reach safety, and this awareness not only reflects the urbanization of society, but shortens the path towards survival, and also demonstrates the integrity of the collective sense of responsibility in society.

The great role of society in achieving a sustainable economic recovery is highlighted by individuals adhering to laws and following safety rules, especially in times of disaster, which enhances the chance of surviving a disaster in a rapid time with the lowest possible proportion of material and moral losses and to speak for the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published: September 03, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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