Soft Power is the Alternative of Civilization.

Soft Power is the Alternative of Civilization.

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned details about the importance of intellectual reclamation as one of the ways to counter cognitive scarcity, how to address research backwardness, to revive the power of the cognitive economy, and to implicitly refer to soft power as another means, which comes in the same context, and in the same importance as in my series of articles on the cognitive economy, and I dedicate this article to talking about the alternative of soft power in detail and expansion.

Soft Power is not much different in individual or community situations, and we can bring the meaning of its concept closer through individual cases, and it can be evoked as an example of George Washington carver’s statement that he recommended writing on his tombstone: “no human being, no matter what can bring me down to the point where I hate him or hate him.”

For those who do not know, the author of this will had a lot to do to arise from the desire to take revenge on this world, except that he was of negro origin, he grew up orphaned, did not have the opportunity to attend school, and grew up in an environment that can be described as fanatical, yet he was able to create and become, by soft force, what any human being dreams of, and then to become profits, he is the founder of agricultural chemistry, the first to work in the field of industrial fiber, and owe him the states the united states of America has one of its most important wealth and sixth production of “peanuts”, and has inventions comparable to Edison’s.

It is a toxic model of the usefulness of soft power and what it means at the individual level, and at the level of nations, soft power means that the state has spiritual and moral power through its ideas, principles, and morals and through support in the areas of human rights, infrastructure, culture, and art, leading others to respect and admire this method and then follow its sources.

Japan has found that the best alternative to a post-war renaissance is the alternative to soft power, making it the most economically powerful country in the world in a record period of only 50 years.

“the whole world gives way to the person who knows where he is,” says philosopher ralph Emerson, “because the world really gave way to it when japan knew where it was and knew its way.

Religious pluralism in japan has not prevented it from distinguishing globally and has not differed from each other because of that multiplicity, as well as passed a series of legislation concerning education and obliging it to have children for fear of population density that may hinder the development process and the reforms it has adopted and its systematic plan at all levels.

The theme of soft power was the subject of much controversy in Japan and in early 2003 it received an ingenious gesture, where the masterpiece of the famous Japanese artist Miyazaki Hayao awarded the cartoon film known as “kidnapped” or “the journey of Chihiro” the academy award for best-animated films. since then, Japanese officials and intellectuals alike have been claiming that japan’s global anime and manga fame has become more capable of “soft power”, and the term soft power was used in the 1980s by Harvard political science professor joseph nye to express the ability to convince more than coercion, and in fact a careful look at japan’s major relevant journals, white political papers and what towards it will reveal to what extent the idea became popular after 2002. as was the case during the soft power debate, the world-renowned cultural forms were translated into a diplomatic advantage, so the current analyses of anime and manga are culturally attractive but may also show some problems and ambiguities.

Not only did Japanese artist Miyazaki Hayao win an academy award, all of which are peaceful and war-renouncing, but he also refused to come to receive his award in response to the Iraq war because the honor was in the united states. Miyazaki thus wanted to convey an eloquent message about the usefulness of soft power and the need to deploy it and replace solid power with it, and with this message, and knowledge economy could flourish when its message was purely human.

China used soft power through cheap manpower, and its economy flourished and became a global power, as did India in yoga.

The Arabs used soft forces in the past and ruled Europe through the sciences of ibn Sina, Farhadi, Al-Khwarizmi, and many others.

the other model that can be talked about is the emirate of Dubai, this city ruled by the maker of civilization his Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid, and knows very well what are the real foundations for the advancement of any human civilization, supporting the knowledge economy on which it was founded, supporting the infrastructure, human rights, culture, and the arts, as well as those principles and morals embraced by this city has made it among the greatest cities of the world civilized and economically and this development continues to grow and grow every day more and more, which the world does not have towards him only to bow up with his hat to see a leader beyond the meaning of soft forces.

Supporting scientific research and knowledge of all kinds, caring for rehabilitation and training institutions, supporting young talents, cultural institutions, the arts, and human rights, and the search for talented people in all fields is an expression of the soft power of any country and makes it an example of sophistication and a civilized model for all countries of the world.

And to talk the rest

Author : Manahel Thabet

Al Bayan Newspaper

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