Olive forests are burning!

Olive forests are burning!

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

Until recently, the fire in London and the charges of half the city were described as one of the greatest disasters in history and called the “Great Fire” in the history books and historians.

Today, in recent weeks, the world has been facing “big fire” fires, even exceeding its record of damage, it is terrifying enough to eat forest trees, biodiversity is impossible and large greenery is impossible because of it to mortal areas, and ruins of ash, it moves from city to city as if it were a marathon in which flames compete to burn green and dry and all that he could not access by whipping objects, and even those who volunteered to extinguish those fires tasted from the fire what the trees of those forests and their organisms tasted.

High temperatures have been able to spark and ignite these fires in various parts of the world, such as the Cities of the Mediterranean, North Africa, and large parts of the Middle East, and have been affected by large forests of Latin America, had it not been for an unusual picture, they would have destroyed olive trees more than 2,500 years old, i.e. one tree is equal to that of an entire civilization.

Instead of looking well at the Sustainable Development Goals and the reasons for their formulation, blame an unknown enemy for the allegations that they caused these fires, and instead understand the reality of what is going on and understand the climate changes that are taking place on the planet, which, if their causes are not contained and rectified and efforts are devoted to absorbing them, this will make life impossible on the surface of this planet for all three kingdoms of existence, and instead some express their inability to understand it or not. Beyond his feet, he risks blaming the unknown one and pointing the charges at him as the only way to ease public anger and rein in public opinion.

Not only does it stop at this point in reducing the disaster that lurks around, the floods and earthquakes that are a natural product of the disaster of the repercussions of the changing climate on the planet’s surface, and will not only stop there but will expand its impact until the planet collapses from within and the organism is captured so that there is no trace of life on it.

Preventing disasters and crises before they occur is a theme of the thinking of geniuses and scientists, and ordinary intellectuals are the theme of their thinking is to find solutions to disasters and crises after they occur, and perhaps geniuses of earth and climate scientists, they noticed in their research a decade ago Time to this fate that is staring at the globe, and they have made wide appeals, about it, in their scientific publications, had it not been for the fact that none of the Governments had given them enough to listen enough to make him take the initiative seriously to absorb these disasters, interact with them, and call for what should be prevented.

There has been leniency, complacency, and great laxity in this aspect so that the price will be high and everyone will bear the brunt of it.

The world must understand that the movement of a butterfly wing in the Amazon could become a tsunami in Japan, and when it understands well the content of this physical theory of butterfly theory, it will realize that the project to achieve the 17 goals of sustainable development is fully linked to the dimensions of that theory, but is an expression of it, as therefore the project It has a strong relationship with today’s fires and disasters, and here again we must be aware that this planet is everyone’s responsibility, and what can cause damage in part can cause damage to all parts of the body, as the organs of the same body fall apart with nightlife and fever when the damage affects part of that body. And to talk the rest.

Author : Prof. Manahel Thabet
Published: August 20, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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