Expo2020 Dubai Economy

Expo2020 Dubai Economy

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

Perhaps what can be seen very clearly since the launch of expo 2020 Dubai is the boom in the UAE’s tourism economy, which in turn has moved stagnant water and sent the spirit into development and the economy to re-emerge after being completely crippled by the corona pandemic at the local and global levels and has not been excluded.

It is a good occasion to report on the economic recovery and surge in the tourism sector resulting from the movement at the Expo2020 Dubai event, including that hotel occupancy in Dubai exceeded 98 percent and that five-star hotels are the first choices for most visitors, and Saudi’s represent the highest proportion of visitors more influx of Arabs, while Russians are the leading foreign nationalities of western visitors, and visitors come from the UK second and Chinese third, hotel occupancy forecasts are 100% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

In addition, statistics and special reports show that as of October 24th, the number of visitors to Expo2020 in Dubai has reached 1.5 million since its inception from 175 countries.

If the world uses pre-global crisis and post-crisis characterization when it goes on to talk about the global economy as well as pre-corona and post-corona characterization, the effectiveness of Expo2020 Dubai can take that status from those realities well, and it can now be said to describe the state of the global economy and its affairs as a “pre-expo Dubai economy” and “post-expo Dubai economy”, as well as the Dubai Expo economy, as well as the Dubai Expo economy, simply because of the signs of the recovery of the global economy grows as another day of this most mature global event passes since the beginning of expo’s earliest history.

The effectiveness of Expo2020 Dubai has already revealed the importance and necessity of cultural convergence among the peoples of the world to create a real sustainable development situation worldwide, and the Arab and global economy can be said that the recovery that accepted Expo2020 Dubai.

As one of its tasks, is contagious, just as the smile infection in the faces of others in the dealings of society is similar to the events we find in general in the world every day in all, or with the clarity, we find “the movement of a butterfly wing in the amazon could become a tsunami in japan” as an expression of the physical theory of “butterfly”, which can be measured in the case of the economic recovery that Expo2020 Dubai caused for Dubai first and then for the UAE more, and more further to include the Arab region, based on the global recovery situation.

It is important to realize that the expo economy in general and since the beginning of the expo 2020 event has been an important and paradoxical sign in the history of each country it has hosted in one of its cities, but it has always expressed a temporary economy that will soon fade once its duration has expired, had it not been for the current state and at its current session hosted by Dubai.

It would not be, clearly, a temporary economy, just because the world wants the merits of this event to be the first spark. to rotate its economy again, which was almost killed by the corona pandemic, and inevitably depends on it on sustainable development issues, we cannot consider it temporary, but rather a sustainable economy linked in its goals to the goals of sustainable development, which has been launched with its banner.

And to talk the rest.

Author : Prof. Manahel Thabet

Al Bayan Newspaper

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