Dubai 10x The Perfect Mohammed Bin Rashid City

Dubai 10x The Perfect Mohammed Bin Rashid City

The greatness of a leader is measured not only by his or her ability to plan and manage but also in his or her ability to make leaders.

Dubai’s recently announced 10x initiative is a leader’s guidance and seasoned planning, enabling it to convert energy consumed into productive energy in all the emirate’s institutions.

what can happen during ten years of changes in the world?

Such a question makes us say that the Dubai 10x initiative is a vision, before it is proactive and forward-looking and preparing for it, even if it seems a fascinating idea, its implementation is more than its greatness as an abstract idea of activation, and as it seems from reading beyond this initiative it is not only for the service of the masses, it does not need to mobilize all these creative energies to be, as much as it is for the manufacture of real leaders of the younger generation.

They have primarily targeted in every way facilities, as well as those who carry the banner of the initiative and lead its march, and this is one aspect, and the other side is the search for talented young people in all fields, and the search for every idea that can be transformed into an economy that pays and eats, and this shows the impact on national income.

I was most delighted to be a jury member, and for him, the spectacle and talents come to test her ideas and innovations, in an initiative that is the greatest in a century, and perhaps even more so, the Dubai 10x initiative. as we know, Dubai is ahead of expo 2020, and this event will radically change Dubai, restructure it cognitively and culturally, reshape its economic profile, and move its present to the future, but absorbing and planning that change will make Dubai an influential turning point and a model for the world to follow.

This is the great wisdom behind the Dubai x10 initiative, but discussing the actual details, which are at the forefront of this initiative, it can be expected that Dubai will dispense with its oil resources and replace human resources, although the effectiveness of Dubai 10x must be a rehearsal for this, and it will be enriched by clean energy that depends on the above-ground instead of energy extracted from the ground, and perhaps his highness sheik Mohammed bin Rashid, ruler of Dubai’s project of generating energy through solar panels in the desert is one of the models that pre-empts the present by 10 years, perhaps 20 and perhaps much more, and this secures the infrastructure, and perhaps the tanks for converting waste to methane is also anticipation and another solution to replace oil energy with clean energy.

It is worth noting in reading the Dubai 10x initiative that the recession in government institutions in the Arab countries will be more pronounced in the face of Dubai’s prosperity and development in government services.

finally, I can say that Dubai 10x is the perfect city discovered by sheik Mohammed bin Rashid, and proves the opposite of that impossible view that this city has ever met, and perhaps the collective efforts that will come together to fulfill the prophecy of this ideal city will make it impossible from a point of view.

And to talk the rest

Author : Manahel Thabet

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