Awareness Industry and Facing Research Backwardness

Awareness Industry and Facing Research Backwardness

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

In my article, I also outlined some outlines of what should and should not be done about the knowledge
economy and the creative industries; here I add more comprehensive, more focused details on the
conscious environment and the concept of cultural engineering, to address research and cognitive

While culture is the product of the movement of society, at various levels of production, it is, at the
same time, organically linked to all the forces of life that produce the growth and development of this

Cultural engineering encompasses all aspects of life, all its areas, and we may necessarily find conflicts at
all levels, in every age, between forces of renewal, innovation, and forces that reject and maintain, and
the outcome of the total views in that conflict is general culture, and the cultural geometry of this
conflict means that it is moderate and does not move towards extremism, no matter how much conflict
is fuelled, in a more precise sense, cultural engineering mitigates and refines conflicts.
No doubt, investing in culture, without knowledge awareness, and an educated environment balanced
in its openness, balanced in its province, is a difficult adventure similar to looking for a hat in the world
of turbans.

it may be somewhat longer if the infrastructure of the awareness industry is absent, but many
alternatives can be found to achieve a more conscious situation and a more cultural environment.
Investment first must include both sexes male and female, says Sally Ryde, America’s first female
astronaut: “if we want scientists and engineers in the future, we must invest as much in girls as we do in

having any environment for modern means makes it able to create awareness by stimulating awareness
and education of desire, and promoting it using the tools and manifestations of modernization that it
possesses, for example, books will be accessed, if there is an important incentive to support the
receiving public, and will receive encouraging privileges, as well as job grades, can be allocated to all
students who attend art institutes, scientific and cultural competitions can also be launched, research
grant competitions launched, generous support monitored for them, and other activities, programs, and
programs can also be allocated. That can create a greater state of cognitive awareness, stimulation and
any investor can design their knowledge project without concerns.
There is a gap between Arabs, science, and knowledge that began in the 12th century, and with each
age, it was expanding more and more, and some attribute this to the lack of adequate funding, meeting
the needs of the translation centers of books, scientific and technical literature and all fields of
knowledge, the absence of research centers, and the absence of support of the scientific researcher, to
devote himself thus to scientific addition.

Statistics show that Arabs contribute 12 out of 1% of the world’s total research to global scientific

The function of cultural engineering can provide a clear chart calculated of expected and unexpected
results and can address all the expected and unexpected risks. for example, cultural engineering can
provide a vision of the solution through funding funds, which follow government institutions, to help
them provide adequate support to research and scientific centers, and support many segments of
society, which are an expression of a sense of collective responsibility, their budget is taken from all
institutions in the country and dedicated to serving segments of the country. the state and society care
for it, and it has priority in its view.

Some Arab countries spend billions of dollars, without the slightest awareness, to support extremism
and underdevelopment, and do not think and do not think about supporting scientific research, even by
10% to find the result on their economy, equivalent to many times their other investments, in all fields.
On the other hand, we wonder: what if this money is spent on the establishment of research institutions
and financed by scientific research, innovations and creative industries, and the inventions of young
inventors in the Arab world?
This question of creating a state of awareness is another part, in addition to funding funds, of
understanding the nature of what Arab society is experiencing and what it needs in the light of the
methodology of the knowledge economy and cultural engineering.
We Arabs do not need geniuses and scholars or even have people to be, we have enough talent and
creators, but we desperately need those who care for them, and provide them with all the support and
qualification they need, so that the future of the Arab countries is better for them, with their giving,
their ideas, and their ambitions, which are inevitably the most sacred thing that humanity needs today.

And to talk the rest

Author : Manahel Thabet

Al Bayan Newspaper

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