Artificial Intelligence will be like or more powerful than the human brain in the future?

Artificial Intelligence will be like or more powerful than the human brain in the future?

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

Well as of today’s standard most of what we see is now running by Artificial Intelligence like Tesla started self-driving vehicles, in medical field doctor is now replacing by AI-powered Robot doctors. And the biggest innovation in AI and Deep Learning will be the next level.

Dr Manahel Thabet was discussed in my previous article titled “Artificial Intelligence and the future of humans”Dr. Thabet mentions how Artificial Intelligence has been evolved.

The Deep refers as the number of the layers in artificial neurons in a network of Deep Learning. This is as an artificial nervous system with more layers of neurons that is more sophisticated kinds of learning.

Well by comparison of human brain vs Artificial Intelligences in year 2000s “human brain still more powerful than fastest computer and simplified that Internet complexity is just equivalent of entire Internet but this is not the end of battle between them, estimate by the computer Experts says Estimates around 2040 will AI will surpass the capabilities of Human Brain. Stephen Hawking has said, “The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

In term of storing information, well the AI still is on long way to go before surpassing the human brain capabilities, considering that DNA as memory. DNA hold much smaller than any computer Technologies. As of now, machine learning is now in reality like applied in Siri, Google, Netflix, or Amazon. Machine learning is now helping many companies to interpret data, find correlations and learn from missed forecast.

Now interaction like Siri is now near human, but still need to access a lot of information. Technology is always moving fast speed, well all of us should get ready for the disruptors that are coming on our world. Improving AI can seem scary but there a great opportunity that human can used to improve our world.

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