Expo2020 Dubai and the task of neutralizing carbon

Expo2020 Dubai and the task of neutralizing carbon

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

Expo2020 Dubai, which has been going on since the beginning of October and will continue until next March, carries on a great cosmic mission, as it is a meeting of civilizations and various peoples of the earth, it also seeks to create a different situation, in which the fate of this planet may change vitally and sustainably, which will save future generations of human beings, trees, and animals.

that task is simply to save the planet from what it is currently staring at, and here we find that there is a real awareness of the details of Expo2020 Dubai, which has never been so characterized before.

expo 2020 Dubai seeks to offer more meaningful alternatives to energy, food, and water, ensuring sustainable development, through what geologists and environmentalists call “carbon neutralization“, i.e. Expo2020 Dubai’s efforts to provide more dynamic models in water, food, and energy for sustainability, ensuring equal exchange between two processes: “the energy-use products and natural bio-processes added to the carbon atmosphere, such as the breathing of living organisms and others”, and “carbon consumption as photosynthesis processes in the plant”, can be clearly defined by the term “carbon neutralization”.

the aim of Expo2020 Dubai to achieve equality between these two processes is to maintain that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is not increased, as the world tends to avoid environmental disasters, due to climate changes, and the resulting new phenomena such as carbon-increasing global warming, which reduces the release of solar rays from the earth’s surface outside the atmosphere, warming the earth’s climate.

the term “carbon neutral” has a close relationship to the overall knowledge economy, when an entity (such as a company, service, product, or event) is described as “carbon neutral”, which means that it is, or has already, balanced the carbon emissions it causes by financing an equivalent amount of carbon saved elsewhere in the world. Expo2020 Dubai is moving towards these savings by providing opportunities to help finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, many of which bring additional social and societal benefits in developing countries, at least as well as reducing greenhouse gases.

It can be said that there are a large number of companies in the world that can be described as carbon neutralization, by adhering to the specifications of the British Institute of standards (bsi) in this regard, to obtain more benefits, including marketing, and their recognition of the importance of carbon-neutral plays a key role in the strategy of sustainability and social responsibility, enabling them to play their part in global climate change, otherwise they are also aware that customers prefer to buy products and services from sources interested in the environment.

finally, Expo2020 Dubai strives to promote and disseminate the status of “carbon neutral” in the details of the global economy’s overall output, through what it has been keen to offer and to be inspired by the details of its spaces, including 192 countries in the world, to save the planet and achieve the sustainable development goals as long as possible.

And to talk the rest.

Author : Prof. Manahel Thabet

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