18 Apr 2019

AI could change the way humans interact

In the future, artificial intelligence will probably reshape our economy, society and our lives. But achieving AI’s full potential will not only require many technological innovations but research into some societal difficulties, including ethical issues, workplace disruptions, and changing human interactions. Sci-fi movies portray artificial intelligence as self-aware computers, evil robots, and digital armageddon. Some fear that […]

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17 Apr 2019

London leads Siemens Atlas of Digitalization as most digitally ready global city

Siemens has launched a new web-based application which reveals the readiness and potential of six major cities to embrace digitalization and develop new ways of living, working and interacting. The Atlas of Digitalization is based around the interconnected themes of Expo 2020 Dubai – Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity – and assesses how the fourth industrial revolution has […]

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16 Apr 2019

How AI is Revolutionizing Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Artificial intelligence is taking up the pace when it comes to global logistics and supply chain management. As per a number of executives from the transportation industry, these fields are expected to go through a more significant transformation. The on-going evolution in the areas of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and similar new technologies […]

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15 Apr 2019

Faster, more accurate diagnoses: Healthcare applications of AI research

When Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo shockingly defeated legendary Go player Lee Sedol in 2016, the terms artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning were propelled into the technological mainstream. AI is generally defined as the capacity for a computer or machine to exhibit or simulate intelligent behaviour such as Tesla’s self-driving car and Apple’s digital assistant Siri. It […]

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14 Apr 2019

Investment to rise in digital economy as e-commerce booms globally

A softer global economy, trade tensions and protectionism are hampering financial exchange and returns on foreign direct investments. However, the global digital economy is on the rise and technology is certainly an avenue for FDI going forward, government officials, policymakers and bankers say. “There is a decline in return in FDI and, more importantly, we […]

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13 Apr 2019

Why Has It Become Risky To Be An AI-Based Software Startup?

In the last two decades, the software industry provided a healthy breeding ground for incubating new businesses and ideas. From solving the day-to-day problems of end-users to building complementary tools for software developed by large companies, startups thrive in the disruptive market. They compete to differentiate based on the value they deliver to customers. But […]

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10 Apr 2019

You Have No Idea What Artificial Intelligence Really Does

WHEN SOPHIA THE ROBOT first switched on, the world couldn’t get enough. It had a cheery personality, it joked with late-night hosts, it had facial expressions that echoed our own. Here it was, finally — a robot plucked straight out of science fiction, the closest thing to true artificial intelligence that we had ever seen. There’s no doubt […]

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09 Apr 2019

Wealth Managers Need to Re-Think Digitalization

Wealth management clients are not as tech-phobic as the average wealth manager believes, concluded a study conducted by Scorpio Partnership and sponsored by FactSet. When the research and analysis firm surveyed 877 UK- and US-based wealth management clients, it found that the appetite for digital interactions ran a spectrum. The average survey respondent was 37 […]

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08 Apr 2019

Industry is where the real potential of AI lies

Assembly robots that build things on their own without having been programmed to do so. Self-optimizing production lines in factories. Trains and wind turbines requesting maintenance based on operational data and artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict behaviour better than the engineers who designed and built the systems can. These developments are a real opportunity […]

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