11 Jan 2020

Mind-reading technology lets you control tech with your brain — and it actually works

CES featured several products that let you control apps, games and devices with your mind. The technology holds a lot of promise for gaming, entertainment and even medicine. NextMind and FocusOne were two of the companies that showed off mind-control technology at CES this year.   LAS VEGAS — It’s not the self-driving cars, flying […]

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09 Jan 2020

Before we augment people with tech, we’ll need proper rules

New technologies – from artificial intelligence to synthetic biology – are set to alter the world, the human condition, and our very being in ways that are hard to imagine. The discussion of these developments limits itself as a rule to individual values. But it is also crucial to talk about the collective human values […]

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05 Jan 2020

Tech Tent – tech trends for 2020

Will we start the journey to a better, kinder internet? Which countries are best placed to win the AI race? And should Ivanka Trump be speaking at a tech show? Just some of the questions we address in the first edition of Tech Tent this year. Last month, the creator of the World Wide Web […]

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03 Nov 2019

AI May Not Kill Your Job—Just Change It

Don’t fear the robots, according to a report from MIT and IBM. Worry about algorithms replacing any task that can be automated.  Martin Fleming doesn’t think robots are coming to take your jobs. The chief economist at IBM, Fleming says those worries aren’t backed up by the data. “It’s really nonsense,” he says. A new […]

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02 Nov 2019

AI Stats News: 64% Of Workers Trust A Robot More Than Their Manager

Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the progress of AI highlighted workers’ positive attitudes toward AI and robots, challenges in implementing enterprise AI, the perceived benefits of AI in financial services, and the impact of AI on the business of Big Tech. AI business adoption, attitudes and expectations 50% of workers are […]

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31 Oct 2019

Employees Worldwide Welcome ‘AI Coworkers’ To The Office

Last year, many Americans worried that artificial intelligence (AI) might replace them at work. This year, employees around the world are wondering why their employers don’t provide them with the kind of AI-enabled technology they’re starting to use at home.  That’s one way to think about the results of a second annual survey about AI in the workplace, conducted […]

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30 Oct 2019

Using AI to Eliminate Bias from Hiring

Like any new technology, artificial intelligence is capable of immensely good or bad outcomes. The public seems increasingly focused on the bad, especially when it comes to the potential for bias in AI. This concern is both well-founded and well-documented. But what is AI? It is the simulation of human processes by machines. This fear […]

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