02 Apr 2020

This Startup’s Computer Chips Are Powered by Human Neurons

Biological “hybrid computer chips” could drastically lower the amount of power required to run AI systems. Australian startup Cortical Labs is building computer chips that use biological neurons extracted from mice and humans, Fortune reports. The goal is to dramatically lower the amount of power current artificial intelligence systems need to operate by mimicking the […]

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29 Mar 2020

The distorted idea of ‘cool’ brain research is stifling psychotherapy

There has never been a problem facing mankind more complex than understanding our own human nature. And no shortage of neat, plausible, and wrong answers purporting to plumb its depths. Having treated many thousands of psychiatric patients in my career, and having worked on the American Psychiatric Association’s efforts to classify psychiatric symptoms (published as […]

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15 Mar 2020

Scientists Discover “Peculiar” Teardrop-Shaped Star

“I’ve been looking for a star like this for nearly 40 years and now we have finally found one.” A team of astronomers have discovered a strange star that oscillates in a rhythmic pattern — but only on one side, causing gravitational forces to distort it into a teardrop shape. “We’ve known theoretically that stars […]

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07 Mar 2020

How to Leverage AI to Upskill Employees

Artificial intelligence is the answer to polishing math skills and plugging our workforce pipeline.   One of the largest economic revolutions of our time is unfolding around us. Technology, innovation and automation are redrawing the career paths of millions of people. Most headlines focus on the negative, i.e. machines taking our jobs. But in reality, […]

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29 Feb 2020

Human Intelligence and AI for Oncology advancement

As the Vatican workshop on ethics in Artificial Intelligence ends, Dr. Alexandru Floares speaks on the possibilities of medical innovation through collaboration between AI and human intellect. The increase in the number of cancer cases worldwide is a major cause for concern for the medical community. Doctor Alexandru Floares, a speaker at a 3-day workshop […]

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02 Feb 2020

How you can get your business ready for AI

90% of executives see promise in the use of artificial intelligence. AI set to add $15.7 trillion to global economy. Only 4% planning major deployment of technology in 2020. They say you have to learn to walk before you can run. It turns out the same rule applies when it comes to the rollout of […]

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28 Jan 2020

Here’s what AI experts think will happen in 2020

But it’s time to let the past go and point our bows toward the future. It’s no  longer possible to estimate how much the machine learning and AI markets are worth, because the line between what’s an AI-based technology and what isn’t has become so blurred that Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all “AI companies” […]

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11 Jan 2020

Mind-reading technology lets you control tech with your brain — and it actually works

CES featured several products that let you control apps, games and devices with your mind. The technology holds a lot of promise for gaming, entertainment and even medicine. NextMind and FocusOne were two of the companies that showed off mind-control technology at CES this year.   LAS VEGAS — It’s not the self-driving cars, flying […]

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