16 Aug 2018

The World Economic Forum warns that AI may destabilize the financial system

Artificial intelligence will reshape the world of finance over the next decade or so by automating investing and other services—but it could also introduce troubling systematic weaknesses and risks, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF). Compiled through interviews with dozens of leading financial experts and industry leaders, the report concludes that artificial […]

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13 Aug 2018

Therapy Robot Teaches Social Skills to Children With Autism

For some children with autism, interacting with other people can be an uncomfortable, mystifying experience. Feeling overwhelmed with face-to-face interaction, such children may find it difficult to focus their attention and learn social skills from their teachers and therapists—the very people charged with helping them learn to socially adapt. What these children need, say some researchers, is […]

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12 Aug 2018

Microsoft’s AI can convert images into Chinese poetry

Microsoft recently taught its XiaoIce chatbot, a Chinese language conversational AI, how to interpret pictures as poems. We’re not sure if that counts as inspired writing, but it’s an interesting step toward better mimicking humans. It’s not the first AI to write poetry, but it’s the first we’ve seen that can generate Chinese language poems inspired […]

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11 Aug 2018

This new AI eye can predict human personality

What ever your personality this AI will recognized your personality even you are neurotic, an extrovert conscientious or agreeable. Well machine learning is improving over the years and now by just bringing a new meaning to the phrase “in the blink on of an eye” with the help of University of South Australia and the […]

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09 Aug 2018

Exoskeletons are About to Walk Ford’s Factory Floors

HALF MAN, HALF MACHINE. Full-blown automation may be the future of manufacturing, but we’re not there yet. While some machines have taken over the more painstaking tasks on the factory floor, humans still play a vital role in the production line. But often, it isn’t easy work. Tasks typically require being on one’s feet, and some even involve making […]

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06 Aug 2018

Artificial Intelligence will be like or more powerful than the human brain in the future?

Well as of today’s standard most of what we see is now running by Artificial Intelligence like Tesla started self-driving vehicles, in medical field doctor is now replacing by AI-powered Robot doctors. And the biggest innovation in AI and Deep Learning will be the next level. Dr Manahel Thabet was discussed in my previous article […]

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