The Hypothesis of Adaptation

The Hypothesis of Adaptation

Manahel Thabet
Manahel Thabet

Charles Darwin says: “It is not the strongest members of the species who survive, nor the smartest, but the most capable of adapting to changes.”

As in biology, within the world of economics, adaptation is a dynamic, experienced process, based on the practice of increasing human tolerance of changes in the work environment across several

What I want to offer here, i.e., economic acclimatization, can be defined as the process by which people adapt to change in the economic working environment, i.e., adapting to the variables in the working environment allows them to maintain balance across a range of working environment conditions.

It should be noted that there is a difference between the concept of adaptation and the practice of adaptation, which occurs in a short period of time, and gradually. Within human life itself, however, when comparing adaptation, it is a development that occurs over many generations.

Adaptation is a set of changes in physiological reactions that help human life outside of its practical habitat, and in bioscience, the same thing happens: humans who migrate, permanently, naturally adapt to their new environment through an increased development in the number of red blood cells to increase oxygen tolerance in the blood, in order to compensate for low levels of oxygen intake; there is, as well, different economic working environments that impose on humans’ adaptation to their data, helped by the physiological adaptation, plus interactions of characteristics and adaptability.

Adaptation is a set of evolutionary changes that are appropriate to natural environmental factors, just as the new Corona virus requires human adaptation in all its formalities in line with the data imposed by this pandemic at all levels and in various fields, primarily the economic field. And just as man adapted during the first economic change, in which he moved from the agricultural economic era to the industrial economic era, and then in the second change, from the industrial economy to the economy of offices and companies, and then the transition to the era in which we are talking about the importance of adapting to its data, which is the fourth economic era, the «economy of knowledge», noting that the process of adapting to every change and transition in the four economic times took place gradually because acclimatization assumes gradual progression as human temperature changes, yet, if it occurs suddenly, then the human loses the characteristic of adaptation, and can lose his life, unlike if that change occurs gradually, then the human being is able to coexist and adapt gradually until it becomes normal, and continue to adapt to the high altitude for months, or even years.

It ultimately allows humans to survive in an environment that could kill them, if they are suddenly changed. Just as it happens in botany,
many plants, such as maple trees, irises, and tomatoes, can survive if the temperature gradually decreases less and less every night over days or weeks. The same decline may kill them if it happens suddenly. Studies have shown that tomato plants, which adapted to a higher temperature over several days, were more efficient in photosynthesis at relatively high temperatures than plants that were not allowed to adapt. People adapt to work environment conditions, and they change things like gaining greater flexibility in their dealings.

In the animal world, some sheep grow very thick wool in cold climates, fish have the ability to adjust their temperature to match the water temperature, and tropical fish sold in pet stores, often remain because they have the ability to adapt.

Therefore, the condition of adaptation will always be the gradual change, both in the working environment of the human being, and in the natural environment. And to talk the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published February 26, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

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