“Generation Alpha” Jobs

“Generation Alpha” Jobs

It appears, from many data sources, whose prosperity coincided with the Corona pandemic, namely, data technology and the wave of automation that permeated everything and spread to most professions and jobs, that the Corona pandemic has made itself a compulsory presence.

That which was free of it, or that which would have been slowly going on a long, cumbersome, and difficult timeline to achieve the overall presence that we are now seeing in all sectors and various fields, relates that Corona has become an objective equivalent to overall automation; or, that their relationship is complementary, and clearly it is a relationship that is deep and meaningful.

Hence, it is quite appropriate to talk at this time about the work functions of the near future, though not as a prediction, but rather, from what is confirmed by the data that has emerged successively from the beginning of technology, to refer to its current prosperity due to the Corona pandemic, which has made the vision around it, and its needs, supremely clear.

Perhaps what the centers and institutions in developed cities offer to look ahead to regarding this issue is useful, especially when we go to talk about the necessary needs of the near future of skills, and the needs of the world of professions and jobs, with the possibility of adding to them (through the current data) and more importantly, ask: What can we say on this occasion?

In a recent landmark document, the Center for The Future in Abu Dhabi City ranked 20 professions that will have the largest share of proliferation and will have a significant demand in 20 years from now. They are effective for generation ALPHA, which was born after 2010, and can be listed as stated in the document issued by the Center:

The work of robotic programmers, future oil data specialists and analysts, personal health experts, drone command support crews, a writer or accountant enhanced by artificial intelligence, driverless vehicle support teams, blockchain designers and engineers, 3D printer designers and engineers, digital currency bankers, encrypted, sensor system design engineers and supervisors, space traffic analysts and monitors, asteroid and celestial mining specialists, fusion power reactor engineers, genetic modification technology and biological piracy, engineers, designers and operators of the TEOP network, computer programmers and analysts of Quantum systems. Mixed real-world building technicians, researchers and producers of laboratory-grown meat, IoT-based home automation specialists, and finally the job of designers, engineers, trainers, and educators for AI-based teaching systems (without the need for someone to teach).

It can be said that the demand for some of these jobs has already begun, and we find that the job of support crew for flying drones, the job of a writer or accountant enhanced by artificial intelligence, and the job of designers and engineers of blockchain, has a tangible presence in most first world countries, and over the next two decades, the prosperity and expansion of its tools will remain and make the demand for its specialists very wide.

We are not here to list what has been said about the most widespread and demanding jobs over the next two decades, because we should be sure that the time is good for all segments in different sectors, whether they are from the Alpha Generation, or even the present generation.

They can rehabilitate themselves with the skills and requirements that this near future needs, an irreplaceable opportunity, and if the days pass quickly, they should pass as we fight to realize our dreams and work for the growth and prosperity of our homelands and societies.

Knowledge, and the right to acquire it, have been and will continue to be, a purely human affair, which anyone in this world can and will acquire without any right to place obstacles in front of it, or prevent it from gaining momentum. And to talk the rest.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published October 23, 2020
Al Bayan Newspaper

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