Expo2020 Dubai and the Future of Sustainability

Expo2020 Dubai and the Future of Sustainability

As I said, the premise of “the world is a small village” that globalization trends contributed to its formulation, would have been far from fully absorbed, had it not been for the way expo 2020 Dubai, which starts on October 1st and ends in march 2022, has been careful to achieve that hypothesis strictly, but not because of the way organization, preparation, and participation that encompasses most countries of the world, this is familiar, which is an authentic nature of this exhibition since its inception, but the reason is the topics raised through the exhibition the ideas in which the world is fully integrated and contribute and make its voices clearer, expo 2020 Dubai pays attention in its three contexts of “mobility, sustainability, opportunities” to a modern context. because we will talk about sustainability in this article, we will know from the merits of this term that it is the subject of the hour, which is not only a national or international affair but a cosmic one.

Speaking of sustainability, the United Nations has set seventeen targets in recent years, indicating that achieving them requires an integrated methodology that takes into account environmental conditions, as well as economic development.

In 1987, the UN’s Brindtland commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs”. today, there are about 140 developing countries in our world looking for ways to meet their development needs, but this is accompanied by a growing threat to climate change, so determined efforts must be made to ensure that today’s development does not adversely affect the future generations. hence the awareness on which the idea was founded at expo 2020 Dubai when it made it one of its three contexts and the top priority that the whole world can discuss at the moment.

on the one hand, sustainable development aims to form a framework to improve the lives of people around the world, on the other hand, aimed at mitigating the risks created by man, which affect climate change, and on the other hand, sustainable development aims to work climate action, which calls for the integration of actions to avoid climate change within development frameworks and also aims to live under the sea, which is reflected in Expo2020 Dubai, where the visitor can explore coral reefs humor beta fish are taken through unexpected visions of artists, school students, and fishermen, as well as life on land, making them a call for more sustainable development practices, using the earth’s natural resources.

Expo Dubai shows us this space that allows visitors to wander in the solar ocean and “trees” that intensify water, as well as the flow of water through the traditional falaj canal used for irrigation. in the Czech pavilion, the sustainability project can be seen by the visitor watching how to make fertile soil by extracting water vapor from the air using solar energy and providing water in the desert. visitors can also discover an integrated ecosystem that extracts water, energy, and food through innovations including the vertical farm, embodied through the Netherlands pavilion.

Sustainability is more than just a term that currently imposes itself in response to the repercussions that plague the planet, and is more than just an environmental concept that describes how vital systems remain diverse and productive over time, it means for humanity the ability to preserve the quality of life that human beings live in the long term, which in turn depends on the preservation of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources.

Expo2020 Dubai, through the historical models presented by human civilizations in the history of its human experience, which is a source of support for the future, confirms that hidden biochemical cycles that redistribute water, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon in the world’s living and non-living systems can secure a lasting life for humanity for millions of years. and to talk the rest.

Author : د. مناهل ثابت

Al Bayan Newspaper

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