24 Jul 2017

Google’s AI Fight Club Will Train Systems to Defend Against Future Cyberattacks

IN BRIEF Google Brain and data science platform Kaggle have announced an “AI Fight Club” to train machine learning systems on how to combat malicious AI. As computer systems become smarter, cyberattacks also become tougher to defend against, and this contest could help illuminate unforeseen vulnerabilities. REINFORCING AI SYSTEMS When artificial intelligence (AI) is discussed today, most […]

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16 Jul 2017

Reflections on Ego

There is no doubt that the biggest obstacle to achieving success in organizations is ego. All the training and coaching in the world will be rendered ineffective when ego gets in the way. Ego is the Enemy, presents us with a thorough discussion of ego – what it means and how it can destroy lives […]

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09 Jul 2017


The brain is amazing. You’ve heard of right brain vs. left brain. The creative, artsy side versus the mathematical, analytical side.  Well it’s true…and the connections (or lack of) they make between each other impact our emotions, actions and abilities to complete certain tasks. Each person is unique in so called “hemispheric dominance,” however, we still […]

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06 Jul 2017

The Subconscious Contains Our Unused Potentials and Our Blockages

The subconscious contains within it our unused potentials, as well as the personal blockages that keep us stuck in the various problem areas of our life. I sometimes refer to these as our light and dark shadows. The word shadow is a Jungian term and refers to those parts of us that are unconscious. Being unconscious, […]

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04 Jul 2017

Ray Kurzweil: There’s a Blueprint for the Master Algorithm in Our Brains

IN BRIEF Ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief engineer, is a famous futurist who’s always banked on the coming of the singularity — when artificial intelligence overcomes human intelligence. For that to happen, however, we need to figure out the master algorithm. Today’s artificial intelligence (AI) systems are, no doubt, considerably advanced. There are now intelligent machine learning algorithms capable of […]

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02 Jul 2017

Our Success Helps Many; Our Failure Helps No One

It is a revolutionary idea and one that dramatically changes our life when we embrace it. Imagine believing that our success actually helps many people. When we believe this, it totally changes the way we think about success. Suddenly our success becomes a way by which we can help people, and we should believe this because […]

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29 Jun 2017

A New Gene-Editing Breakthrough Could Forever Change Life on Earth

CRISPR The discovery of the gene-editing technology CRISPR came, in part, from Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist at the University of California, Berkeley. “It’s very profound,” she told NBC News. “It means that we can control human evolution now.” With collaborator Emmanuelle Charpentier, Doudna was able to harness a curiosity in the DNA of certain bacteria […]

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25 Jun 2017

Mind Power: How To Overcome Your Fears, Get Unstuck, And Fuel Your Success

What scares you? Learning how to overcome fears of failure can be challenging for everyone. Fortunately, all fears are learned. No one is born with fears. Fears can therefore, be unlearned by practicing self-discipline repeatedly with regard to fear until it goes away. The most common fears that we experience, which often sabotage all hope […]

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21 Jun 2017

How Neurofeedback Encourages Mindful Parenting & Flexibility

How many parents truly get a break from the day-to-day tasks and stressors of life?  Not the majority i’m assuming!  With so much to do in so little time, the biggest task of parenthood is having to be flexible: some parents are CEOs, single parents, parents to kids with special needs or illness, students, moms […]

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