18 Nov 2017

A Global Collaboration to Create “Artificial Organisms” Just Went Live

The Brain Code Mindfire, a new foundation with the goal of “decoding the mind” to help develop true artificial intelligence (AI) is launching November 17th in Zurich, Switzerland. Futurism spoke with the founder of Starmind and president of the foundation, Pascal Kaufmann to learn more about its goals and the path to reach them. “We cannot achieve […]

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15 Nov 2017

How to Use Neuro-Associations to Skyrocket Your Productivity

Optimized productivity is a kind of ‘Holy Grail’ for many people. There are many podcasts, blogs and so many other things out there solely dedicated to productivity. And then there are a million different systems, tools, apps and products available as well. All focused on, in simple terms, getting more done in less time. But […]

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14 Nov 2017

Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin Will Consolidate at $8,000 Before Rising Even More

IN BRIEF Bitcoin has been increasing in value at an incredible rate over the last few months. According to a high-ranking Goldman Sachs analyst, it won’t be long before the cryptocurrency breaks the $8,000 mark. GOLDMAN SACHS IMAGINES NEW HEIGHTS FOR BITCOIN Earlier this month, Bitcoin continued its upward trend by reaching a new record […]

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13 Nov 2017

This is the Age of “Big Data.” And It’s Changing Everything.

THE DATA BOOM We live in an age of big data. It’s changing how doctors treat disease, how humanitarians predict and respond to natural disasters, and how businesses figure out what their customers want. Companies realize they need to collect and make sense of that data, and data science professionals are increasingly in demand. In fact, IBM projects that the number of positions for people […]

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12 Nov 2017

17-Qubit Chips Have Officially Arrived, and So Begins the Quantum Revolution

IN BRIEF Intel’s 17-qubit chip represents how close we currently are to incorporating quantum computing into our technology. Professors Andrew Childs and Fred Chong weigh in on quantum computing’s potential and when it will be ready for practical applications. The Road to Quantum Computing Scientists have been working for years to make quantum computing a […]

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11 Nov 2017

An Organism That Regenerates Could Allow Us to Heal Humans

The gecko’s remarkable ability to regenerate its tail in the space of a month could help scientists figure out how to heal spine injuries in humans, and it’s all down to the regenerative ability of stem cells. Scientists studying gecko tails at the cellular level – how they detach when under pressure, and how they grow back again […]

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06 Nov 2017

Will the Next Mozart be a Robot?

The Creative AI Humankind has done a great deal in terms of making exquisite art, whether through its paintings, songs, or performance art. Museums are packed with such work, and ordinary people have libraries full of fantastic literary achievements—both physical and digital. For the longest time, creativity seemed like an exclusively human forte. However, now […]

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