Women in AI

Artificial Intelligence & Economic Growth

The AI economy is up-to-date, exciting, globalized, and accessible to everybody. It has quickly made its presence felt in the financial sector anywhere in the world. Today AI has transformed into an engine that brings time and money into the realm of productivity and economic growth. This technology is able to create markets for the latest products and simplify services.

AI Economy in the Middle East

As the AI wave sweeps across the world, it also creates vibration in the Middle East. The Middle East understood the potential of AI from the very beginning and quickly embraced it. The behavior of the people in the Middle East towards the AI system was astonishing, they utilize its facilities in all sectors including banking and retail.

Dr. Manahel Thabet - The Women in
Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about artificial intelligence, The Woman that comes to our mind is Professor Manahel Thabet, especially in Middle East countries. Dr. Manahel Thabet’s presence in the financial and other service sectors based on Artificial Intelligence at the governmental level and non-governmental level is an asset.

Dr. Thabet is a well-known scientist and economist. She has been honored with the Middle East Achievement Awards in Science in 2013.
Notable works on “Economic in the Age of Artificial Intelligence“, “Knowledge Economy” and “How Metaverse Affects the Economy” validate the title “Women in AI”.

Dr. Thabet, president of the World’s IQ Foundation, is also vice president of the World Intelligence Network (WIN). Dr. Manahel Thabet, who explores and researches the possibilities of artificial intelligence in economics using different sectors of society, is also the president of “The Economic Forum for Sustainable Development” – UK, a public forum for Directors, Company CEOs, Professionals and Business Leaders of Leading Academic Institutions in the Arab world and the international community.
Dr. Thabet has a background in Quantum, Mathematics, Physics and AI, combined with Technology and Engineering.