Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering


Financial crisis has hit the world in a negative manner and has left a huge mark on the economies of the different countries. Financial engineering is a new concept which has emerged as a means of applying and implementing different methods in the field of finance. Financial engineering is a blend of finance, mathematics and statistics which is used in different areas and aspects of doing business and in the field of finance. This ensures that the people in this field apply the different computation methods that are present in order to get rid of the problems that the companies and the overall economy is facing due to the financial crisis. Favorable developments in the international economy in the recent years and according to the economic growth data that is available has led to the view that the economy is predictable and even understandable.

The irrepressible and sophisticated financial engineering as weighted by its unique structure and design and relaxed use of monetary instruments. The economy still escapes the predictions that dominate the physical laws and especially the tools to overcome a crisis of the economy global systemic effects as the current, still, at this point of the crisis are to be proposed.

Keywords: financial engineering, international financial crisis, globalization, risk management by financial engineering, securitization, credit default swaps, portfolio optimization, derivatives, securities pricing