The Brain Trust Charity

The Brain Trust Charity


Dear Supporters of the Brain Trust Charity

Please put the following times dates and venue in your 2015 itinerary and advance diary and please distribute to everyone on your databases – thanks so much.

After the colossal success of this year’s awards the Brain Trust has already confirmed the following details for 2015:

Venue: the New Riviera Pavilion at the Phyllis Court Club Henley on Thames (see ), directly overlooking one of the most beautiful stretches of the River Thames at its most idyllic.

Time -arrival 12 noon Sunday May 31st 2015 lunch 13-00 awards 2-30 pm.

The current award holder for the Avicenna gold medal is Dr Manahel Thabet and the 2014 Brain Trust Brain of the Year is Lorraine Gill.

Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you there.

Ray Keene OBE

All members of the Brain Trust offer their services as volunteers and we have no paid officials of any sort whatsoever. No fees or salaries are accepted for individuals – only donations to the charity for its work. The ratio between donations received and funds paid to charitable causes is therefore very high.

The Brain Trust regards itself as a modern, dynamic, innovative, pioneering, relevant and flexible organisation. It is important to note in this context that the Brain Trust – in order to cast its net as widely and as far as possible – assists many other charities as well as praiseworthy national and international causes, by engaging in and organising fund raising activities on their behalf, rather than simply offering direct funding. In this respect the Brain Trust has access to a large number of prominent individuals from around the world who are able and willing – often at short notice – to offer their own time and resources for good causes.

We regard this as a highly effective and modern way of delivering our public benefit , since it eliminates the need for costly and time consuming fund raising exercises which might require the employment of salaried staff – a path which the Brain Trust will always seek to avoid. Our policy is to avoid being admin-heavy and to channel our efforts directly into public benefit.

The Brain Trust engages in no activities that are detrimental either to the environment or to the individual or indeed in any way whatsoever. THE BRAIN TRUST IS NON-DISCRIMINATORY IN ALL ITS ASPECTS and thus recognises no restrictions of physical or mental disability, geography, age, race, gender, religion, material or wealth status or ability to pay fees amongst those to whom it can extend help. The Brain Trust helps wherever it can do so relevantly regardless of the type of persons or organisations assisted; the exceptions being that we would never aid an individual or organisation that was connected in any way with harmful, racist or hate activities, nor indeed does the Brain Trust engage in or profess any party or political affiliation of any sort whatsoever.