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09 Apr 2021

The future of the UAE industrial economy

The upcoming phase of the industrial economy will be an attractive opportunity for local and international investments. It will ensure to strengthen the UAE’s strategic industrial security, innovation, advanced technology and the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The UAE has an efficient system when it comes to the field of investments, especially industrial investments. The UAE’s business environment characteristics such as high standards, transparency, rule of law, and the ability of the UAE economy to prosper with stability are a couple of factors that attract success towards the industrial sector. It has to be noted that the UAE boasts the presence of more than 21 integrated free industrial zones in the UAE.

The determination and attitude of the UAE supports drastically in its Sustainable Development Agenda by launching plans for industry development with the aim of strengthening the role of the latter in the national economy. This is enabled by creating a strategy for the future that is aimed at establishing a highly competitive global economic base. These steps were announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The project was titled “Operation 300 bn” – A 300 billion project to stimulate the industrial sector to be a major channel for the development of the national economy.

The launch of this strategy at this particular time reveals the economic strengths of the UAE, despite the exceptional circumstances the world is going through today. The state has taken this global ordeal as an opportunity to try out the most powerful alternatives, perhaps a great opportunity to realize the importance of shifting from an oil-resource-based economy to new resources based on the industrial economy.

The key components that ensure the UAE’s success in its industrial economy in real time and in the future are the availability of advanced infrastructure, a strong legislative environment, the highest security and safety rates in the world, a strategic geographical location of the state, transport networks and logistics services in accordance with international standards that enhance the ease of export of its industrial products, free zones and various ports and the largest in the world, manufacturing catalysts of high-efficiency raw materials, the availability of skilled labour, low tax rates, as well as the strength of the financial sector in terms of liquidity availability and facilitating financing.

For many years in the industrial economy, the UAE has demonstrated its ability and high efficiency in increasing production and increasing exports, which are the most important indicators and measures of industrial power among countries, thus achieving a prominent position among the major industrialized countries, such as China, Japan, Germany and the United States. With the arrival of its industrial products in different countries of the world, exports of manufactured products within the UAE, which reached more than 170 markets around the world, reached approximately AED 62 billion in the first half of 2020, according to trusted sources and official global reports.

Hence, it can be stated that the UAE has reserved itself a prominent position among the major industrialized countries, through its interest in industrial infrastructure, the establishment of industrial zones, and overcoming the obstacles to the progress of the industrial sector of facilities and legislation, and the result was the UAE’s success in attracting many global investments, becoming the preferred destination for investors in the Middle East and North Africa.

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published April 09, 2021
Al Bayan Newspaper

25 Dec 2020
Manahel Thabet

The Great Reset

We do not usually reset ourselves, except when the things that hold us up fail us and turn their backs on us. So, resetting here is an alternative solution to our collapse, or when we fail to find better alternatives than what is in our hands.

The Great Reset means keeping up with changes and adapting to new data, reformulating the world for its tools, updating, and rehabilitating the skills of individuals, in line with a new form of the entire business system.

It may be stated that we were supposed to adapt technology to customs and traditions. But what is happening now, due to the compulsion imposed by the Corona pandemic, and with slow transformations that were also led by the transformations of the age of knowledge, is that we are moving in the direction of adapting everything in order to harmonize with technology, just as oil once did when it poured human civilization into its mold and forced it to adapt to its facts.

The aspects of technology have imposed a reset of everything, which imposes adaptation and the assimilation of the new mechanisms that the business system has ended, and the reordering and reformulation of the identity of professions and jobs. In the beginning, it was palatable, including the pattern of remote work and distance education.

The urgent need to reset began coinciding with the beginnings of the Corona crisis, and I consider it a crisis to produce a transformation and accelerate the resetting process more than an epidemic crisis, as many people have lost their jobs, jobs and money invested in stock portfolios, which they spent a long time in their lives to build up. After hoping for an economically stable life that secures their future and the future of their children, panic began to prevail in the world, then, gradually, the black clouds began to dissolve. This happened when the activation of the mechanisms of the knowledge-based practical system provided its features and tools, and many people began to adapt to these, and practice their old work with a new look that keeps pace with the transformations imposed by activation of the knowledge system, and reset them according to its mechanisms, which are mechanisms that are not born or imposed by the Corona pandemic. Rather, they existed before, yet the Corona crisis has brought them all to the surface and imposed activation. When it is in their hands, as an option that secures it from collapse, it will be about the most able to adapt to the new mechanisms in the sectors of business, professions and jobs, and the worthiest will survive. Those who cannot reset and adapt, will be exported outside this square, which has imposed the readjustment on the world to adapt according to the data.

Economic competition, according to the assumptions of the reset, has come to mean that someone is able, through technology applications, to purchase a commodity from anywhere in the world, without limits or distances that prevent it, and it also means that a seller behind screens in China can compete with a traditional seller in a local store in any country in the world.

These transformations and the presumptions of reset impose the existence of radical changes in all sectors, including medicine, in which all the balance of power has changed. So, obtaining a drug using artificial intelligence has become much easier, as well as searching for vaccination against any disease, as it takes five to ten years to find out its side effects. And here we see a vaccine that was manufactured in less than a year.

Keeping up with, and adapting, according to the data of the reset process, which the world has arrived at in the sectors of business, professions and jobs, requires the world to reformulate its tools, through a process of updating and rehabilitating the skills of all individuals in accordance with the new form, which has been reset according to its data, which are both mechanisms and data: The New Transformation.

Life will pass by those who have willpower and those who do not have it, but who will reserve the advanced seats in the future, for those who are always able to reset, for the strongest desire and the most able to change and adapt to the new facts of life?

Finally, one can ask: Do we consider that reality, with all its facts, failed us in the Corona pandemic, so we had to reset to adapt to more feasible alternatives?

Author : Manahel Thabet
Published December 25, 2020
Al Bayan Newspaper