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A New Perspective of Measuring Black Holes and Alternative Delicacies of Relativity from a Theoretical Purpose

Date Written: September 9, 2011


Black holes closed time-like bend, and worm-holes as foreign entities function, the delicacies of scientific theory in each the community of scientists and standard scientific literature. However, whereas these entities exist definitely within the mathematical metaphysics of relativity theory, mathematical existence doesn’t imply physical existence. There’s a niche between arithmetic and metaphysics and therefore the physical interpretation of mathematical physics demands philosophy. The metaphysical significance of black holes, closed time-like bend and the worm-holes is questionable. They rather show the boundaries of science than describe physical reality and intrinsically arouse Plato’s curious, Thaumas, the aboriginal starting of philosophy.

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Download at: https://www.academia.edu/36998246/_Manahel_Thabet_Research_A_New_Perspective_of_Measuring_Black_Holes_and_Alternative_Delicacies_of_Relativity_from_a_Theoretical_Purpose_