Never underestimate the power of your mind

Never underestimate the power of your mind

One thing that you need to know is that the power of the mind is something that we need to have in the palm of our hands. For one thing, the human race is one that has not been realising the full power of the noggin.

According to science and the halls of medicine, we are not using the full potential of the mind, and in this case, it means that more than 70% of the brain that is residing within our skulls is not being used to its full potential and this is the really tragic part of everything.

We need to know that there is more that we can do and the first thing that we must look at is really what we are doing that makes our brain so inert and inactive in the first place.

This means that we have been underutilised, we havebeen walking around the world today with only 20% of our brain in use, and it boggles the mind to how much potential we are actually wasting.

At the end of the day, what we need to do is to not underestimate the power of the mind, and how we can do this is look at the technology that has been around for a long time now, and from there postulate the actual potential power the mind has.

We are capable of some wonderful things, and this is even more possible by the fact that we are then able to manipulate the world around us and respond when we are under duress. One thing that we need to know is that the world that exists around us is one that is constantly bombarding us with ideas that we should not be taking if we want our minds to perform at its maximum capacity. In all sense of the word, we are living in convenience, which means that we have to think less to survive, and for all intents and purposes when it comes to evolution, this means that we have placed a great anchor on our journey towards evolution.

How can we evolve anymore in any sense, if we have no need to utilise any more of our brain, and because according to many geneticists all over the world, the last key of evolution is in our minds, and once we have crossed that final human frontier, then are we able to move on from there and look at the world around us with a different perspective.

One of the things that we need to know is how we are going to unlock the power of the mind, and there is different technology out there that can be achieved with something as simple as this.

For one thing, you can look at things like subliminal audio and the ever popular binaural beats technology, which uses simple sound waves to effect a response in the cortical of the brain and make it a much better performer under different conditions – augmenting the power of the mind.


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