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Manahel Thabet in Arabian Business

# 26 Dr Manahel Thabet in 100 Most PowerFul Arabs under 40

Manahel Thabet

Industry: Science

Designation: Maths genius

Country: UAE (Yemen)

Country of origin: @manahelthabet

Manahel Thabet describes herself on Twitter as a “simple human being” — but in this she is being exceptionally modest. The Yemeni mathematician, economist and scientist earned her first PhD in Financial Engineering ‘magna cum laude’, making her the youngest person and only Arab ever to have attained such distinction. She went on to earn a second PhD in 2012, this time with a major in Quantum Mathematics. She has an IQ of over 168, which puts her in the top 0.1 percent of people in the world, and as such is an active member of geniuses’ network Mensa International. In 2012, Thabet developed a formula that measures distance in space without the use of light. According to her Wikipedia entry the formula was considered groundbreaking in the field of Quantum Mathematics and is reportedly 350 pages of numbers, calculations and equations. She has won numerous awards for her work including Arab Inspirational Woman 2010, Genius of the Year 2013 and a United Nations humanitarian award, and is also a goodwill ambassador. Prior to 2008, Thabet traded in the stock market but withdrew her investments believing correctly that there would be a financial crisis. Instead, she founded a business and risk management advisory group called Smart Tips Consultants, which specialises in helping those affected by the financial crash. In 2014 she was appointed official patron of MBA Women’s Leadership Programme in Synergy University’s Dubai campus.

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