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Intelligent Automation Is Equipped To Level The Playing Field For Emerging Economies

Intelligent Automation Is Equipped To Level The Playing Field For Emerging Economies

Intelligent Automation Is Equipped To Level The Playing Field For Emerging Economies

With so much uncertainty building in markets around the world, even described as market mayhem by CNN recently, we can expect 2019 to be the year that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation hit the mainstream. After years, even decades, of future-gazing and speculation about what life would be like in a world where we co-exist with AI or robots, it seems the pressures on enterprises and governments are becoming so acute that they increasingly feel compelled to change the way they deliver products and services.

One aspect that has remained largely under the radar but, from my perspective, is one of the most exciting developments we’ve seen over the past 12 months has been the way in which AI and automation are now being deployed within emerging economies, and how this can change future global trade patterns. I’ve seen strategic steps in AI adoption being taken by international businesses looking to expand into new markets more efficiently as well as local organizations looking to scale up operations in an agile, rapid and cost-effective way that allows them to compete in the global market.

It’s a trend that I expect to accelerate significantly this year, and will no doubt absorb hours of debate at upcoming gatherings of global influencers. It points to the huge potential that these technologies present for emerging economies and for businesses of all sizes operating within these countries.

Redefining Resourcing And The Intelligent Automation Opportunity 

There is a growing acceptance that AI and robotics, far from being a threat to today’s global workforce, can actually be complementary to organizations’ workers and society more generally. Most leaders’ interest lies in a more rounded evaluation of how we can navigate the change in employment structures all over the world to deliver widespread benefit. And what early adopters have already learned is that automation is no longer just about cost or resource efficiency; instead, digital labor is a strategic asset, a game-changer within businesses.

One new and particularly interesting dynamic of intelligent automation (IA) is the way in which it can deliver specific advantages to emerging economies and the businesses that operate within them. My company, which offers an IA platform solution, works with more than 200 clients across 29 countries in five continents, so we have gained a clear picture of how it is delivering value in different ways across regions and economies.

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