Industry is where the real potential of AI lies

Industry is where the real potential of AI lies

Industry is where the real potential of AI lies
Industry is where the real potential of AI lies

Assembly robots that build things on their own without having been programmed to do so. Self-optimizing production lines in factories. Trains and wind turbines requesting maintenance based on operational data and artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict behaviour better than the engineers who designed and built the systems can. These developments are a real opportunity if we come up with ideas on how to shape AI and make it a job engine.

It’s beyond question that the world of work will continue to change with the ascendancy of AI. Today, robots still have to be content with the so-called “3 ‘D’ jobs” – tasks that are dumb, dirty and dangerous.

According to recent studies on the future of work, however, this restriction will soon be overcome. By the year 2030, up to 375 million people worldwide will have to learn a new profession. This corresponds to one out of every three employees. And displacement won’t just impact those who perform so-called “simple” tasks, but also lawyers, doctors and engineers.

Forecasts from leading market research companies unanimously confirm that the activities accounting for up to 50% of most tasks can be automated. Machines could not only perform these activities but also complete them better and faster than humans can. The upside? Relieved of the drudgery of such tasks, we’ll have more freedom to assess the results obtained, advise customers and patients, or recognize and foster our employee’s abilities.

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