Disruptive innovation of today is going to transform society tomorrow. From the rise of smart voice assistants to venturing into the age of 5G technology, this generation has seen it all. Coming out of the conventional ways and moving forward towards innovative future with determination, has made its footprint in the current market. With the emergence of digital transformation, more and more businesses are adopting disruptive technologies to drive innovation.

In the race of being relevant with the present, digital platforms, in both theoretical and practical manner, have satisfied the definition of disruptive innovation by creating a new market, causing disruption in the existing market, adding potential value to the network and uprooting prevailing well-established markets.

For businesses who adapt to disruptive innovation in their workplace, have to go through a lot of plots and procedures to finally hit the market. The journey includes innovation (doing same things better than before) to bring in new ideas and introducing new things and ultimately reaching to a disruptive phase where they become confident enough to make existing operations obsolete and consume whole new and fresh ecosystem to the business.

Emanation of technologies including Robotics, RPA, Autonomous vehicles, Internet of things, Artificial intelligence, Space Colonization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, 3D Printing, High-speed travels, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology, Virtual Reality, has augmented the open-ended process of potential transformation.

The most recent and apt example we can quote here is of the new launch by tech giant Apple. Other than Netflix, Apple’s online streaming media is creating a buzz nowadays. Additionally, the company’s venture into the commerce industry with the introduction of Apple Card (Apple Credit Card), which surely comes forward as post-iPhone strategy, narrates all about the disruptive intervention of Apple into a non-tech industry to drive digital innovation.

As we can see, our regular periodic is enveloped in the layers of varied disruptive innovations which we didn’t realize entering in our lives. Well, we can merely predict how our future filled with technologies would look like whose optimistic propelling possibilities seem to be endless. Although many have asserted that this disruption can act as a destructive catalyst in certain ways for future society but it would be really unfair to land up with any negative conclusion without assessing the binary ends of it. Moreover, it depends on the users and society as a whole to sculpt the ultimate outcomes of these highly innovative and disruptive technologies.

Source: https://www.analyticsinsight.net/disruptive-innovation-will-transform-business-work-and-society/

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