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28 May 2017

Elon Musk’s Neural Lace Could Use Brain-Stimulating Tech to Make Us Smarter

IN BRIEF Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) has great potential to help those with neurological diseases. It may also help enhance humans and our intelligence, and serve as a checkpoint on the road toward Elon Musk’s neural lace. STIMULATING THE BRAIN We are now poised at a time in history when brain-computer interfaces (BCI) are […]

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14 May 2017

AI Won’t Just Replace Workers. It’ll Also Help Them

IN BRIEF We are living in the age of algorithms, and AI is the natural next step in this age’s evolution. We can’t excise the tech from our lives, but we can benefit from it more and protect even the most vulnerable from abuses by shaping how we use it. AI: THE TOOL Many people […]

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30 Apr 2017

Cryogenically Frozen Brains Will Be ‘Woken up’ and Transplanted in Donor Bodies Within Three Years, Neurosurgeon Claims

IN BRIEF After he attempts the world’s first human head transplant, neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero plans to attempt another world first: reawakening a brain that has been cryogenically frozen. ONE WORLD’S FIRST AFTER ANOTHER Given the remarkable advances that have been made in medicine in recent years, it’s hard to believe anything is still truly impossible. […]

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23 Apr 2017

Facebook Engineer Asserts That Augmented Reality Will Replace Smartphones in 5 Years

IN BRIEF At Facebook’s developer conference last week, Oculus Research predicted that AR glasses would replace smartphones in the near future. The ability to augment reality is just one of the futuristic technologies Facebook is working on. AUGMENTING TECHNOLOGIES Last week, Facebook’s annual developer conference (FB8) gave us a glimpse of the future. While most […]

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16 Apr 2017

How Close Are We to Melding Mind and Machine?

IN BRIEF With the work of brain-computer interface (BCI) pioneers like Elon Musk and Bryan Johnson, humanity is on the cusp of having the ability to control machines with our minds. The implications for a variety of fields are far-reaching and exciting. LEAVING LIMITATIONS BEHIND Just as ancient Greeks fantasized about soaring flight, today’s imaginations […]

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09 Apr 2017

New Bio-Sensing Contact Lenses Will Utterly Transform Our Lives

IN BRIEF One day, your regular old contact lenses could serve as non-invasive diagnostic device, thanks to innovative new biosensors. BIO-SENSING CONTACT LENS Using ultra-thin transistor technology, researchers from Oregon State University have found a way to design contact lenses capable of registering information about the wearer’s physiological state. The prototype thus far is only able to […]

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05 Apr 2017

New VR Ads Know If You’re Watching or Ignoring Commercials

IN BRIEF A new virtual reality ad service can use gaze tracking to verify that users have watched commercials. VR AD SERVICE HTC’s new virtual reality (VR) platform now allows brands to identify whether or not a user has already seen an ad via its VR headsets. Click to View Full Infographic This new strictly […]

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12 Mar 2017

New Sensors for Smart Lighting

Imagine sitting in a secluded corner of a college library, working steadily on a last-minute paper. Just as you reach the concluding paragraph, summing up your argument, the lights go out, forcing you to get up and wave your arms around. In an energy-efficient room, the lights may be controlled by motion sensors that only […]

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